Narcos: Mexico Season 4 Release Date Status: Confirmed by Netflix?


Season 3 of the series Narcos: Mexico came out on 5th November last year. Since then, there has been much anticipation about the fourth season of the series. This Mexican crime drama tells the story of the rise and downfall of various drug empires in the 1980s in Mexico City. 

The show Narcos: Mexico is kin to the original Narcos series. Narcos was the story of Pablo Escobar (a Colombian drug lord). While Narcos: Mexico focuses on the tale of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, leader of the Guadalajara Cartel.

The three seasons of Narcos: Mexico narrates how Félix Gallardo coordinated the whole drug trade and its criminals.

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This show has informed us of the original story of the current situation of the drug cartel world. Narcos: Mexico aids in the development of knowledge of how these drug organizations operate.

It discusses how it began, how it flourished, how it progressed from unorganized to organized, and how it has evolved in the present era.

This Netflix original is an epic tale of the cat and mouse chase between the DEA agents and drug cartels. So far, it has done well, and all three seasons have been a global sensation. So if you are keen to find out whether there will be a fourth installment of the show and when it will air, just stay tuned!

Narcos: Mexico season 4: Release date

If you haven’t already heard, the showrunners have already made it clear that season 3 of Narcos: Mexico is the final season.

The creators of this show, in their several interviews, have told the press that they feel that they have delivered the sense of drug city Mexico to the people. And they have the feeling that they should put on hold on the show for now.

Narcos: Mexico Season 4
Narcos: Mexico Season 4

So just to be quite honest with you, there will be no season 4 for Narcos: Mexico. And this is not all unpredictable. Narcos only had three seasons so, it seems that it’s kin Narcos: Mexico isn’t going to be any different. But we can always expect another spin-off of Narcos. As long as drugs remain in the world, we will always have places like Mexico and Colombia. 

Let us hope we can get another season for Narcos: Mexico or another spin-off, either way, it will be a win-win for the audience.

Narcos: Mexico season 4: Cast 

We think telling you guys that we don’t have any ideas about the cast of season 4 of Narcos: Mexico is pointless. It is needless to say that no one has any idea. 

We would like to see Diego Luna back as Felix Gallardo to understand his role post his arrest. It would be delightful to see Micheal Peña in some more action in his role as a DEA agent.

Well, no official announcements have been made about season 4. And we don’t expect the franchise to get renewed any time sooner. But rest assured we will be the first to inform you about that.

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Narcos: Mexico season 4: Plot

The story of Narcos: Mexico is based on the atrocities that the Guadalajara Cartel (led by Félix Gallardo) had caused in Mexico City in the 1980s. Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, and Doug Miro are the creators of such an incredible show, and they did a phenomenal job in presenting it to their audiences. But this is the end to it; there will be no season 4 for Narcos: Mexico.

But as an audience, there is always a what-if for us! What-if there is to be season 4 for the franchise? What if the showrunners finally decided to go through with the production of the fourth installment?

Then what can we finally expect in that hypothetical season 4 of Narcos: Mexico?

There is no way to know what the future holds for us, but we can make an educated guess. Well, season 3 depicted a series of descendants handling the drug empire after Gallardo’s arrest. And the creators of the franchise showed some interest in producing something that would continue the show to link it to the modern context.

That is all we can say right now because, to be honest, we also don’t have any idea about season 4 of Narcos: Mexico. 

We would suggest not to keep your high hopes about the fourth installment of the franchise. But anything can happen, who knows?

And if any update pops up, be assured you will hear it from us first!

Narcos: Mexico season 4: Trailer

Till now, it must be crystal clear to you that there will be no season 4 for Narcos: Mexico. The franchise has met its end. So does that mean we will never have a trailer for season 4?

I mean, right now, even God is unable to answer that! This is due to the fact that we have no idea when these creators and Netflix will work together to renew the franchise. After all, we all know what these corporations can be like sometimes.

But as of now, there is no trailer for season 4 of Narcos: Mexico.

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