Lightyear Movie Release Date Status, Cast, Trailer, Review, and Much More

Welcome back fam! Today we are here discussing this amazing movie which has been kids’ favorite for a longer period of time now and is still keeping up its status to the mark. It would not be fair to say that this movie is only kids’ favorite and not adults’.

We all must have watched Toy Story and just like it is my absolute favorite I am sure it must be yours too.  Today we are here discussing the light-year original story of Buzz Lightyear the hero of the Toy Story who had inspired us a lot in many ways.

Lightyear is a new variation to The Toy Story series which shows us the origin story of the Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear who had been a fan favorite as Andy and Bonnie’s toy in the original movie Toy Story. 

The director of the movie is Angus MacLane, who later on had directed Finding Dory in 2016.  The story has been written by the famous Up and Inside Out writer Pete Docter. Even though the voice for Buzz Lightyear was given by Tim Allen there is a new actor who would be taking this role for the space ranger in the upcoming movie. Disney has finally confirmed that the famous actor Chris Evans is going to voice the character of a space ranger Buzz Lightyear for this upcoming movie.

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So we have gathered everything you need to know about this upcoming movie. So keep on reading further to know everything about the release date class plot and the trailer of the show.

Lightyear Movie Release Date

Lightyear is going to be released in theaters this 17th June 2022 and we are expecting that this is going to be a blockbuster just like the movie franchise of Toy Story.  After the release in theaters, this movie is going to be available on all the streaming services for the viewers to watch.

Lightyear Movie Plot

Lightyear is a new original story which would be focusing on the famous character of Buzz Lightyear from The Toy Story.  This character would be a similar action figure as Buzz Lightyear who was the best friend of Woody the Cowboy, Rex the T.Rex, and Mr potato head in the famous movie series Toy Story.

Lightyear movie
Lightyear movie

As per Disney, Lightyear is an action-adventure movie that is the original story of Buzz Lightyear the hero who had inspired all the toys and had also introduced a famous Space Ranger who was the favorite of the generation of Toy Story.

Lightyear Movie Cast

As of now the only cast member who has been confirmed by the makers is Chris Evans who would be the main character Buzz Lightyear.  In a recent interview, he shared that the phrase a dream come true never meant much more to him than the movie he is doing right now.

He also added that anyone who knows him would know that he is a big fan of animated movies as such and he just cannot believe that he is a part of the Pixer family and will be working with this brilliant artist who tells us the story like no one else can. 

He said that watching these characters is like magic for him and he pinches himself every day just to realize that this is the reality for him now. As per the DisInsider, the director of Jojo rabbit Taika Waititi has a role in the movie but it has not been confirmed yet. 

But if any update is shared by the makers we will update our column for you.  So do not forget to keep checking a column for all the recent updates.

Lightyear movie trailer

The official teaser trailer for the light year has been released already and all the fans have shared a glimpse of the man who had inspired this action figure Buzz lightyear in the entire movie series of Toy Story. 

The trailer shows the space Ranger Buzz Lightyear going off into space and getting himself into a lot of thrilling and risky situations out there. So do not forget to watch the trailer if you haven’t yet and stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and favorite characters.

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