CrossfireX Finally Get a Release Date Status on Xbox


A well-known first-person shooter (FPS) game will eventually be able on Xbox systems. Finally, after being delayed from a 2021 release date, CrossfireX will be available later this week, with both Campaign and Multiplayer gameplay modes available at launch. Prepare to engage in intense, fast-paced combat. Continue reading to learn about the CrossfireX release date, preorder bundles, and a summary of the gameplay.

CrossFireX Release Date: February 10, 2022

On February 10, 2022, CrossfireX will be released only for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The Originator’s Bundle and the Founder’s Bundle are limited edition packages for the forthcoming FPS shooter. Even though the game will be released on Thursday, the preorder process will last until midnight on February 14th (GMT).

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What Is CrossFireX for Xbox?

CrossfireX is the sequel to a lengthy first-person game that has a big following in Asia and abroad; the original Crossfire has a huge following of committed gamers to its free-to-play multiplayer.

CrossfireX claims to be larger and bigger than its predecessor, taking advantage of cutting-edge gaming technology and power. CrossfireX wants to make a thrilling entry into the present generation of gaming by merging its typical free-to-play online multiplayer with an all-new single-player game.


Smilegate Entertainment, the company behind the initial Crossfire, is developing CrossfireX’s iconic free-to-play online multiplayer, which was first revealed at E3 2019. Remedy Entertainment, the team behind Regulation and the forthcoming Alan Wake 2, is co-developing CrossfireX’s single-player campaign.

CrossfireX will be released in both parts through a collaboration with Smilegate and Xbox Global Publishing at Microsoft, as the game will be released first on Xbox consoles before any other formats.

CrossfireX’s storyline and multiplayer will be split in some ways, comparable to Call of Duty: Vanguard and Halo Infinite, but being situated in the same overall world. Crossfire enthusiasts and beginners alike will be likely to appreciate the traditional multiplayer gameplay that created the initial Crossfire renowned, freshened up for a current era of gaming, as well as a first-ever look behind the scenes into the world of Crossfire in a singleplayer adventure.

CrossFireX Gameplay

CrossfireX will include a multiplayer feature as well as two campaign levels, which were created in collaboration with the Finnish video game firm Remedy Entertainment. To use both Activity Spectre and Operation Catalyst single-player options, you must purchase the Ultimate bundle. Fortunately, whenever the game is released, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have unlimited accessibility to the Operation Catalyst campaign.

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The game places participants against the background of a worldwide struggle between the mercenary factions Global Risk and Black List. The action-packed tale offers rich and dramatic graphics, and gamers can experiment with various firing tactics as teams fight for dominance.

CrossfireX begins the Lab map in the Spectre phase, where mercenaries should combat against hidden Spectres (or you can choose to use camouflage technology and become the invisible villains yourself)

The famous Seek and Destroy map from the initial CrossFire game, Black Widow, will have been included in the Xbox edition. Gamers move throughout the area to either plant a bomb or destroy all opponent risks as part of the Black List or to protect and relieve any crisis as part of the Global Risk.

CrossfireX will also have a system for Legendary Mercenaries, which will be acquired by completing Kill and Death Streaks in the game’s Modern mode.

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Online Multiplayer in CrossFireX

Players in Crossfire join one of the world’s two most deadly private military factions, Global Risk or Black List, and compete in several fast-paced game scenarios. Crossfire’s gameplay is comparable to that of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a tactical shooter that is more popular in Western countries.

Crossfire does have its distinctive twists and dynamics, as well as a vast variety of armor kits to pick from, and CrossfireX will build on this with a slew of additional features.

We are aware of Legendary Mercenaries, high-powered agents with special talents and abilities will be featured in CrossfireX. The game can play as these Legendary Mercenaries in CrossfireX games as a prize at the end of win or killing streaks.

All of this is a component of the Tactical Growth System, a set of in-game features that allow individuals to develop for play. Gamers can also acquire access to new Legendary Mercenaries avi DLC, the Battle Pass, and much more.

Singleplayer Campaign in CrossFireX

Putting aside the fact that it’s being produced by Remedy, not much is assumed about CrossfireX’s single-player game. The campaign will be situated in the same world as the multiplayer portions of Crossfire and CrossfireX but will be functionally distinct in several ways to fit its narrative goal.

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After the game’s original release, both CrossfireX campaign portions should be purchasable individually, or users can preorder the entire single-player adventure by buying the Crossfire X Ultimate Package. Operation: Catalyst, the initial portion of the campaign, will also be accessible through Xbox Game Pass.


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