Microsoft Surface Laptop 5: Release Date Status, Specs and Everything we know so far


Microsoft Is undoubtedly one of the well-known brands for laptops and PCs. Among all the laptops and PCS, surface laptops are undoubtedly the most used ones. 

While all the other surface devices have a lot of uncommon and unique features compared to the surface laptop series. That doesn’t make the surface series any less than all other devices. 

Surface laptops are premium laptops and one of the best laptop devices available on market today.  Recently the device is getting refreshed and here is everything that you can expect from laptop 5.

Recently it was announced that the surface laptop 5 is most likely to be in line for the upcoming surface launch.  The surface go and Pro families were already refreshed in the month of October and a brand new line was launched.

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Only the regular surface laptop has not been updated in the laptop Studio but other than that all the laptops have been evolved already.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Release Date 

Microsoft has not yet announced the launch of Surface Laptop 5, so there is no release date for now. However, this series of surface laptops has been one of the most consistent series of Microsoft which continues to be evolving every year.  

Sometimes these updates take a time of more than 1 or a half years. However, with this, we are expecting that the release date for Surface laptop 5 can be released either in spring or fall of this year.  But we are sure that Microsoft is going to release the new series this year in 2022 itself.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Features 

The first thing we are expecting from the new series of Surface Laptop 5 is that the internals of the laptops will be refreshed.

The current model has features including intel’s 11th generation Core processor along with other models having AMD ryzen 4000 series chipsets. If we look at some of the past updates Microsoft has mostly used the older AMD processors compared to all the models that used intel even after all the new ones being available in the market. 

So if the series is going to get launched in Spring there is a high chance that it might have the 12th generation Alder Lake processor Intel with us. On the other hand, a custom version of the AMD ryzen 5000 series might also be present in the new series of laptops.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5
Microsoft Surface Laptop 5

The new series laptop is going to be released with Windows 11 and this model is going to be the first model in the family to be having Windows 11 for now. The recent releases of Microsoft with the new Surface Pro 8 and laptop Studio had brought a lot of new features into these devices. 

If we take that into account there might be a lot of new features for shop purpose laptop 5 as well.  Below mentioned are some of the features that might be present in the upcoming laptops so keep on reading further to see what all features must have been included in the upcoming laptop series. 

120Hz Refresh Rate

One feature that the Surface Pro 8 and laptop Studio contains is a 120 Hz refresh rate display. This is such a feature that we would love to see in the surface laptop series further.  High refresh rate displays have been mostly used for gaming laptops but with Microsoft bringing a lot of new features to the tablets it is expected that they will be providing it in the next laptop series as well.

Thunderbolt Support

This feature is still in question as for all the series of Microsoft we have till now the company had never had Thunderbolt support for any device. This feature was never added as such to maintain parity between the Intel and AMD ryzen variance. 

Microsoft has added it to Surface Pro 8 but it might be a bit difficult to add the feature to all non-Intel laptops and it is a completely Intel-based technology. Thus we have to wait and see what is coming for us.

There are a few steps Microsoft can take to bring this feature into all its laptop series.  However, it would get a lot more expensive for the company to add this feature to all the series of laptops.

A Better Webcam

Even though it took so many years for a lot of companies to provide a better quality webcam in laptops. Microsoft has been offering a greater quality of webcam as compared to other laptops in the market. 

Microsoft has been offering good quality webcam in all its surface series the Surface Pro has a total of 1080P video for years and also a 5MP sensor for its webcam.  However, the surface family laptop has been stuck with a 720P webcam.

Moreover, we are expecting Microsoft to come out with a 1080P webcam for the upcoming Surface Laptop 5 and it would be a good feature for all the people wishing to buy from the series.

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A New Design

As far as we know Microsoft has not brought any new and extensive designs for the Surface laptops which were launched initially.  It has only been added to a lot of 15-inch models with Surface 3 laptops and has made the keyboard cover removable. 

And after this, we are expecting that there would be a minimal amount of changes in the design as well as the keyboard of the laptop having a completely traditional approach. 

As of now the Surface Pro 8 and the laptop Studio have been promoting the surface slim pen which works as a primary pen option for the device and we’re expecting Microsoft will try to make all the surface laptop 5 a lot more friendly with this new pen feature. 

The surface laptop has never been opened to the surface pen features since it cannot be attached anywhere with the laptop.  But with the new design of the surface slim pen, the company is trying a new approach to add some new designs to the Surface Laptop 5. 

So it would be interesting to see what new designs this time the company has thought of introducing. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Price

If we look into the changes and the improvements mentioned above and if all the improvements are included in the upcoming launch the price range of Surface Laptop 5 could vary a lot. 

The price of the Surface Laptop 4 is already $999. We can even think that the upcoming series is going to be of a much higher cost. As of now, we are not sure about the exact pricing until and unless Microsoft announces the price rate for the laptop. 

So if Microsoft announces the rate anytime soon we will definitely after the column for you and keep you updated about the recent changes. 

And as of now the recent update for the next surface device launch is still a few months away and we cannot predict anything much about the upcoming launch.  

So until any further updates do not forget to keep checking our column and we will keep you updated about all the recent changes made with the upcoming series launch. 

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