Bulgasal Immortal Souls Season 2: Released?


Netflix’s expanding content library includes numerous high-voltage aspirational K-Dramas, including the dreamlike fantasy romantic series ‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls.’ The series, formed by Kim Je-Hyeon and Kim Young-Kyu, creates a complicated myth encompassing over a thousand years and is based on conventional views of karma and cyclical time.

Dan Hwal has now become Bulgasal after the deaths of his wife and kid and sets out to find the woman who gave him eternal life. During the procedure, the oblivious hero is forced to confront his past.

Following its December 2021 premiere, the show received critical acclaim for its inventive narratives, complex character relationships, acoustic score, fascinating cinematography, and captivating acting skills by the main cast.

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Although the first season finishes with a smack, there is still the chance of a second season. Is there going to be a second season? Let us look into this more thoroughly.

Release Date for Bulgasal Immortal Souls Season 2

Season 1 of ‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ debuted on Netflix and tvN on December 18, 2021, with the final season airing on February 6, 2022. The first season contains 16 episodes, with a mean episode length of one hour.

Now let us consider the chance of a new season. To start, the 16th section started with the phrase “finale” (along with its Korean comparable) flashing across the screen. It puts a crimp in the supposition about the upcoming season.

Furthermore, while the show had shown early success in its home country, viewer numbers declined significantly in later episodes. The finale, on the other hand, managed to generate an average rating of 5.1 percent, the highest since the show’s premiere week.

Moreover, the show has amassed a worldwide fan base. If Netflix tries to capitalize on it, we may see the continuation of Dan Hwal and Min Sang-story. un’s The climax also keeps viewers hoping for a second season.

However, given the inconsistent reviews and convincing ending, it is extremely unlikely that a season 2 of ‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ will ever be made. If a miracle occurs, let us see who can come back to the cast groups and how the story can grow further.

Bulgasal Immortal Souls Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

Because of the show’s essence, it depends heavily on a consistent fundamental cast ensemble while metamorphosing the tale whenever and wherever.

Having further said, all of the main actors — Lee Jin-Wook (Dan Hwal), Kwon Nara (Min Sang-un/Kim Hwa-Yeon), Lee Joon (Ok Eul-tae), Gong Seung-Yeon (Dan Sol/Min Si-ho), Jung Jin-young (Dan Geuk/Kwon Ho-Yeol), Park Myung-shin (shaman/Hy-suk) and Kim Woo-Seok (Nam Do-Yoon), will play pivotal roles in a potential second season, however, the actors could be different.

Bulgasal Immortal Souls Season 2
Bulgasal Immortal Souls Season 2

Bulgasal Immortal Souls Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

When Hwal gets a smell of blood again, the first season comes to a violent end. He returns to recollect his past, and we reconsider the illusion of Hwal and Sung-un, the first Bulgasals, thousands of years ago.

Some other characters have been obligated by Hwal’s wrath ever since terrible tragedy. In the old days, when Hwal died, he had become human and transferred the curse to Ok Eul-tae.

In the current time, Hwal consumes Ok Eul-tae to the point of insanity, trying to spare the others. Detective Kwon is also killed, as is Min Sang un. Si ho and Do Yun go back to Hwal’s house.

Min Si-ho discovers what became of Min Sang-un, who is a potter and ceramicist in that living, after 50 years. She goes to Hwal’s old house after gaining a strange photo in the mail. In the meantime, Hwal’s resurrection arrives, and attempts to purchase the house. The pattern repeats as Sang-un and Hwal cross paths again.

If there is a new season, it may follow the lives of Hwal and Sang-un in the future. We have yet to see if they overcome their horrific origins, and the upcoming second season may lose some light on the subject.

Correspondingly, the second possible season can go further backward in time and provide more background for the Bulgasal myth.

We have still yet to encounter Min Si-child, ho’s and we don’t know Nam Do-wife. Yun’s Will the prospective second season also follow their lives in the long run? We certainly hope so.

Furthermore, do Min Sang-un and Dan Hwal eventually wind up together in any of their lives, or is past a reenactment of events? Does the predestined family encounter within another lifetime now that Hwal has broken the curse and ended the loop? Fingers crossed, we’ll get all of the responses in the upcoming second season.

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