‘Archive 81’ Season 2 Latest Updates: Release Date Status, Storyline and Many More

Welcome back fam! Today we are here discussing Archive 81.  Well, this series is a lot more addictive than those tapes and even creepier than any other movie of this genre. The story first started as a complete mystery and later on transformed into a completely mind-blowing cosmic proportion that had intrigued all the fans.  

If we look into the end of the last season it is of no surprise that the second season is going to be with us soon. Until and unless Netflix confirms the announcement of the second season we just believe that there is going to be a lot more episodes for this new season. 

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We have gathered all the information you need to know about the upcoming show. So keep on reading further to know everything about the release date, cast, plot, and trailer of the second season. 

Archive 81 Season 2 Release Date

If Netflix is going to renew this show in February then we are believing that the second season might be released in 2022 itself.   As the first season has been released recently it is also possible that the second season might take a bit longer.  But until and unless Netflix makes any official announcement regarding this we are unsure about the renewal of the second season. 

Archive 81 Season 2 Cast

As of now, we are expecting all the cast members from the previous reason to be back for the second season as well.  Other than the incident that happened with them in the season, it is most likely for them to be back in the show once again.  below mentioned are the list of the cast members who  might return for the second season: 

Archive 81 season 2

  • Dan Turner( by Mamoudou Athie)
  • Melody Pendras( by Dina Shihabi)
  • Virgil( by Martin Donovan)
  • Mark( by Matt McGorry )
  • Anabelle( by Julia Chan)
  • Jess( by Ariana Neal )

The main lead of the show Recca Sonnenshine shared with Variety that Evan Jonigkeit is going to be back as Samuel and planning on his escape from the mirror world

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She said Samuel is still in the story and also added that season 2 might be around the corner and in that she also revealed that it is a very exciting part of the story e where they know what they are planning on doing. 

Archive 81 Seasons 2 Plot

In the finale of the first season, Melody has managed to save Jess From the horrific mirror world.  Furthermore, Dan managed to save Melody from the mirror world as well. However, the main question is who would save Dan, and is he still stuck over there? 

And if you’re wondering if there was any trick that Dan would have escaped the mirror world, well the main lead of the show has something else to say to us. In a recent interview with Variety, Rebecca shared that Dan is stuck in the mirror wall and was unable to get out of there.

She also shared that Dan is stuck in the real  ’90s, and he has been moving around in that period. He is somewhere in 1994 and the main question is we have seen other people also disappearing in two different periods and we still have no clue what that means.

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Well to that the actress answered that those little holes are the entry and exit point of these different realms and the people who have gotten into a different period may have not exited through the correct door thus they got this appeared.

And if the second season is being renewed by Netflix then there are a lot of things all the fans need to know. How would Dan return from the period? and what is going to happen next? So do expect to see a lot more of the cast of the ’90s who must have survived the Visser fire and also their younger versions of the modern-day characters 

Archive 81 Seasons 2 Trailer

The announcement for the renewal of the second season has not been done by Netflix and thus there is no update about the trailer as well.  However, the trailer would be released for the second season one month before the release of the show. 

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So do not forget to watch the first season if you haven’t yet and till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and favorite characters. 

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