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“Japan only needs one thing to become the soccer world’s strongest powerhouse. And this is the result of a revolutionary striker’s conception.” — Jinpachi Ego

Blue Lock, a famous Weekly Shonen Magazine manga, will be adapted into an anime in 2022. Audiences can hope for high-stakes action and a huge amount of hot, wet, and heavily muscled young men in this film, which stars 300 boys and a dude who wishes to produce the final striker for the Japanese national soccer team.

Whatever you need to learn about the Blue Lock anime transformation, such as the plot, release date, character types, seiyuu/VAs, and manga status, is right here.

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What is Blue Lock?

Blue Lock is a Japanese graphic novel written and presented by Muneyuki Kaneshiro that has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine since August 2018.

After the Japanese national soccer team is eliminated from the World Cup knockout stage, the Japan Football Union hires a mysterious man called Ego Jinpachi to optimize Japan’s World Cup results. He plans to bring 300 U-18 forwards to the newly established Blue Lock institution and train them to become the best striker in the league through a strict and harsh training schedule.

Moreover, just one forward will be chosen to be Japan’s next national striker—the 299 idiots will never be permitted to play for Japan’s national team. Yoichi Isagi, one of the chosen 300, had just emerged from a painful loss at the National High School Football Qualifiers after passing to a team member instead of taking a shot personally.

The series features Yoichi Isagi as well as the other strikers as they compete to develop their self-esteem and become the world’s best forward.

Blue Lock
Blue Lock

Why the Excitement?

The sports anime genre is trendy and appealing to viewers in the current world, and Blue Lock will focus on soccer. Even though there are numerous anime centered on soccer, it appears that Blue Lock’s hopeful plot will stand out.

The competitive rivalry in the sports anime genre is fierce, thanks to shows like Haikyuu, Kuroko’s Basketball, Hanebado, and even Slam Dunk.

A new and compelling plot is created by combining sports, drama, and a look into the protagonist’s mental side. An official teaser has been released and based on it, we can say that the visuals and atmosphere of the anime are breathtaking.

The character design is fantastic, and many viewers have great expectations for the entire story. Blue Lock has won the 45th Kodansha Manga award, and with great direction, it has the potential to be one of the greatest sports genre anime of all time.

The Manga’s Current State

Since 2018, the Blue Lock manga has been published weekly in Weekly Shonen Magazine and Kodansha.

So far, 12 volumes have been published in English.

Blue Lock Anime Series Release Date

While no specific release date has been announced, the Blue Lock anime series is scheduled to officially launch in 2022.

The anime will be instructed by Tetsuaki Watanabe and animated by Eight Bit studio, widely recognized for That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. Jun Murayama would provide the music, while Taku Kishimoto will handle the series composition and screenplay.

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What’s the Story of Blue Lock?

The series will be exciting as 300 boys and one man embark on an adventure to create a legacy with the final striker to play for Japan’s national team. Blue Lock will not let you down if you adore dazzling action and illustrations.

It all starts with Japan’s soccer team dropping in the World Cup quarterfinals in 2018. Ego Jinpachi, the mysterious character, takes responsibility for looking after the national soccer team and preparing for the next World Cup.

Jinpachi is appointed by the union, and his strategy is to train 300 attacking players in the Blue Lock institution until he creates the greatest striker ever. There’s a catch, which adds to the intrigue. Only one of them will perform for the national team, and the remaining 299 will never have another chance to play for Japan’s national football team.

Yoichi Isagi is the person who comes forward to take over the role after a long development session in the Blue Lock facility. Isagi is a soccer player who recently lost a National High School Football Qualifiers qualifying game. The story portrays how his heroic act of passing the ball rather than taking the shot himself led to his team’s destruction.

Furthermore to Yoichi Isagi, the team includes Hyoma Chigiri, Meguru Bachira, and Rensuke Kunigami. Each of these players is strong in their respective roles. According to rumors, the Blue Lock storyline will have a sum of 24 episodes, which will be available to book and watch on the official websites of Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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