Vampire Academy Series Latest Updates: Release Date, Storyline, And Many More


Welcome back fam!  we are here today discussing Julie Plec and all her Vampire series. If you are a Julie Plec fan then you must be very much aware of how interesting she is to be having the Vampire series starting from The Vampire Diaries to the originals and legacies.

As of now, she is working on this brand new show called The Vampire Academy and as we know it was definitely a part of a plan.

In a recent interview, she said that when she had signed the deal with Universal television they had asked her on which project she would like to continue and to that, she had answered that she always wanted to work with Vampire Academy and she had it planned since the beginning. 

“Julie Plec Is a lot famous for creating the Biggest Fan-favorite series of all the time that is the Vampire Diaries and along with that one of one other fan favorites. Along with that, she had created such a big winner of series that is the originals and the legacies. 

And with that, she recently announced that she is excited to share that her fans are going to have one more Vampire series with her as said by Lisa Kat the president of NBC Universal television, and streaming.

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Julie is a lot famous for creating such amazing Dramas which you would love to binge watch and keep on watching until it comes to an end.  So keep on reading further to know everything we have gathered for you about the Brand new series the Vampire Academy. 

Vampire Academy Series Synopsis

As said Julie Plec is planning on sharing with us a story of friendship romance, scandal, and sex. This story is based on a story of the youngsters and Vampire Romance novels which are written by Richelle Mead.

This story shows that in a world of glamor and privilege how 2 teen girls’ friendship changes their different classes as they would be preparing to complete their studies and enter into a royal society of vampires. This entire drama is a combination of elegant romance and a lot of supernatural thrillers.

Vampire Academy Series
Vampire Academy Series

Vampire Academy Series Cast

Marguerite MacIntyre, who initially played the role of Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes in The Vampire Diaries. She, later on, was also the writer of The Originals and Legacies will now be working on Vampire Academy as well.

Other than her there are a lot of other characters who would also be a part of this series that including Lissa Dragomir by Daniela Nieves, Rose Hathaway by Sisi Stringer, Christian Oreza by André Dae Kim, Dimitri Belikov by Kieron Moore, and  Victor Dashkov by J August Richards. 

Vampire Academy Series Release Date

As Vampire Academy has been announced recently we are not provided with any specific information regarding their release date for the show. 

However, we know that the show is going to be released on peacock in the US and we are also awaiting any other news of the platforms on which the show will be live so stay tuned and keep reading a column for all the updates about this new show.

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Vampire Academy Series Plot 

This series is adapted from the famous Novel of Richelle Mead. This novel is a complete set of 6 books and we are sure by now that this series is going to have Six Seasons as well. 

Julie has been a big fan of this book since the beginning and had even mentioned that she had read this book even before Twilight and then Vampire Diaries came to her mind and she had enjoyed that series a lot and always thought of making the series based on it.

Similarly, she always had this thought of making Vampire Academy one of her shows as well.

Even though Julie had a little bit of connection with this genre but later on the Vampire series she brought into the small screen had increased her thirst to keep continuing with this kind of series and she also said that three shows later and her appetite for making such movies had never gone away. 

This story is about two young women who had been childhood friends.  Initially, as they got closer to entering the Vampire society they had got immense pressure on them and they had to understand what is society expected their rules to be and put their friendship to an extent regarding the same.

The story is about Rose Hathaway a half Vampire half-human teen who would be the Bodyguard of a best friend Lissa a Vampire princess.

Both of them were Run before they were taken to St Vladimir’s. This was the boarding school where the girls needed to survive a different world filled with ruthless social scenes, romance, and terrifying rituals at night.

The most important part would be for them to stay alive. So do not forget to add this story to your list so that we can get to know what happens next to these two girls.

Vampire Academy Series Trailer

As the announcement for Vampire Academy was made recently it is a bit too early for the trailer to be out.  However, the trailer will be out mostly before a month from the release. So stay tuned with us for all such updates about this show and all your favorite shows.

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