The Release Date for Far Cry 6’s Joseph: Collapse DLC Has Been Revealed


Far Cry 6’s post-launch subject matter has been convincing in aspects that the primary game was criticized for. As an aspect of Far Cry 6’s DLC, three different DLCs were declared, each featuring a prior game’s antagonist.

Two of those DLCs have since been published, the first one with Vaas Montenegro in Far Cry 3 and the 2nd with Pagan Min in Far Cry 4. The third installment, starring Far Cry 4’s Joseph Seed, is still now in the works. Ubisoft has now clarified when Far Cry 6 will be released.

Ubisoft announced on Twitter that Far Cry 6’s 3rd villain DLC, Joseph: Collapse, will be released on February 8. Joseph: Collapses, like the Vaas Montenegro and Pagan Min DLCs, will bring a fresh rogue-like framework in which gamers gather objects, power-ups, and a monetary system called Penance.

If the character dies, the DLC is restarted without any of the objects they’ve obtained up to that moment.

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What makes Joseph: Collapse so intriguing is that it appears to be the climax of a huge meta-story that spans all of the significant Far Cry updates since Far Cry 3. Even the Pagan Min DLC ended with a reference to Far Cry 5 and Joseph’s cult of death.

Far Cry audiences will be going to have to wait for the DLC with bated breath to see if it has active support to the plot of Far Cry 6 or any other possible future disclosures.

For the time being, Joseph: Collapse is Far Cry 6’s only officially confirmed top-quality DLC growth.

That isn’t to say Ubisoft doesn’t have other strategies for premium DLC, or that those plans won’t change in the future, but for the time being, Far Cry 6 participants should take into account the completion of scheduled premium post-launch material. Ubisoft may even be willing to disclose that a new Far Cry game is in the works.

Whereas premium DLC for Far Cry 6 is no longer available, free DLC has been declared as part of the game’s roadmap. Only a couple of days ago, Ubisoft released the long-awaited Rambo DLC for Far Cry 6. A crossing mission based on Netflix’s Stranger Things is also in the works. It was scheduled to arrive in March but might arrive sooner.

Far Cry 6 gamers can begin playing Joseph: Collapse on February 8. Everybody who has bought Far Cry 6’s Full Game will be able to access it. Ubisoft is offering a discount on the Season Pass of 25% for those that haven’t already bought it. Ubisoft is also offering up to 40% off packages of the core Far Cry 6 game and the Season Pass.

Far Cry 6’s Title Update 4 was released on February 1 and includes a number of new features and advancements to the game. The most notable addition is undoubtedly the Rambo All The Blood fusion mission, which has been made available for free to all players.

Far Cry 6
Far Cry 6

This is the second of the three scheduled crossover missions, following Danny Trejo’s appearance in mid-December 2021. Unlike Trejo, Sylvester Stallone will not make his return as Rambo; rather, players will band together with a Rambo superfan to stampede against the Yaran military in Rambo fashion.

The majority of the work will be done by Dani Rojas, but given their role in reclaiming Yara, they would have been more than capable of creating a great Rambo perception.

The task will bring in players on a blood-soaked revenge quest in the style of an action blockbuster from the 1980s. To come out on top of the day, a combination of cloaking and hyper-violence is required, much like in Rambo’s first few films.

Plenty of iconic Rambo instants will be cited along the way, and participants will be able to keep the rapidly strong Revenge Bow after the task. To truly maximize the schlocky confusion, do all of this with a buddy on the ride.

Whereas the Rambo mission is the only new material in Far Cry 6, Title Update 4 contains several other advancements. Ubisoft is responsible for addressing as many inquiries and complaints as possible while Far Cry 6 is still in progress, and the fruits of this labor will most probably be felt by the moment Blood Dragon is released.

The first significant quality-of-life showcase Title Update 4 changes the way Guerilla Camps operate in co-op. Earlier, updating a player’s camp while playing with a friend would result in a permission pop-up window for the other gamers in the group. This is no longer true, and players can now handle their centers without interfering with group sessions.

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