Apex Legends season 12: When is the New Season Release Date?


Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance will be released on February 8, 2022. Season 12 introduces a slew of additional features to the Apex Games, such as the latest Legend, Mad Maggie, the crazed warlord of Salvo.

One among the most massive modifications emerging to Apex Legends is a drastic redesign of Olympus, which will now be recognized as ‘Sabotaged Olympus.’ The map will look radically different, and Level Design company Alex Graner decided to share important goals for these modifications in an in-depth Reddit post:

  • Broaden the map, expanding squads out more so that the map’s center area (Labs/Estates) isn’t the only go-to battle zone for each game, and reduce the frequency of unexpected third parties.
  • Improved rotational alternatives to assist players in getting around and out of risky control points
  • New collaborative map toys and play areas to entice gamers into the new locations, resulting in fresh new Olympus feelings.

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Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance Nerfs Caustic and Buffs Crypto

The Phrase Driver can be found on the map’s recently established Southside. Because the object is engaging, players can obtain high-tier treasure chests from it.

The Phase Driver appears to be the central focus of all modifications on Olympus, as it connects nearby Places of Interest, permitting players to enjoy this specific area in a more meaningful way. The Collaborative Phase Driver Device itself appears to be a lot of enjoyment.

When energized, three loot rollers will process, and at least one Gold-Tiered ball will be assured in each activation. There seems to be a 45-second recharge time period before it can be activated again. The trade-off is that the gadget appears to make a strange bang that other participants in the area can listen to, painting a fairly large aim on the players’ back.

Season 12 Defiance of Apex Legends

The Phase Driver Device, on the other hand, can be used to entice and ambush encompassing squads. There are numerous other changes to Olympus, including the Terminal, Shifted Grounds, New North East Path, and others. Go to the subreddit post for a full analysis of these new changes.

Apex Legends season 12
Apex Legends season 12

Early Defiance Season 12 Patch Notes 


Crypto’s drone will now have unique innovations in an attempt to make him more portable. Crypto will still be allowed to use his Drone normally, but he will also be ready to chuck it in a single direction, after which it will end after a specified distance.

It’s similar to a “slower Bloodhound scan,” but it operates in the same way. It also has the tendency to adhere to a surface and behave as a web camera if it encounters foes in its route.


Caustic gas traps can now be destructed after stimulation, which is a significant nerf. This means that teams will be able to start firing an enabled trap to damage it, offering them a good chance to compete.

It will be fascinating to see how Caustic mains respond to this nerf and if he will remain in the top tier list after all this.

Weapon Modifications

In care package loot, the Exciter will be overtaken by the Volt, and as a consequence, the Volt will do an additional 2 damage per bullet. In order to minimize the number of guns in the ground loot pool, both the Flatline and the Longbow will now be craftable in the Self-replicating case.

Flatline also receives serious harm nerf, expelling 1 harm per bullet. Guns created in the Replicator, like Care Package weapons, will come with a healthy supply of ammo. Triple Take is also getting a nerf, with the damage per bullet being reduced to 21 instead of 23.

Kinetic Feeder is a new hop-up.

Hop-ups have also been updated, with Hammerpoint Cycles for P2020 and Mozambique returning, but they can now also be included in RE-45. Shatter Caps will now only be applied to hipfire shots and will be disabled when intending down the eyes.

The new Peacekeeper and Triple Take hop-up, “Kinetic Feeder,” fires up while scooting and feeds ammo to those weapons. The enhanced time required to choke those guns is the trade-off.

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