Air Jordan 11 Cherry 2022 Release Date, Confirmed And Cancelled?


“A mid-top remodel of a 2001 classic, “Cherry” Air Jordan 11 Low is on its way.”

Nike launches some version of the Air Jordan 11 around the Christmas season every year and the same will happen this year. There are several reports that indicate a return of the Air Jordan 11 cherry red colorway in 2022.

Nike created Air Jordan for the first time in 1985 for Michel Jordan. With the immense success of Air Jordan I, Nike created Air Jordan II in the next year. After that, the Jordan series never stopped and is continued to date by Nike. 

In 2001, Nike releases the sneakers having low-tops in 2001, and then again in 2016; however, it appears we’re now getting a mid-top variety, which appears to be a running theme with Jordan’s this year, with the Air Jordan 1 “Africa” and “Inside Out” releasing shortly.

Well, if you are a fan of sneakers and willing to know more about Air Jordan 11, Retro Cherry, you are at the right place. Here are all the updates regarding the same. So, without wasting any time, let us proceed with the article.

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Air Jordan 11 Retro Cherry Release Date

Unfortunately, Nike has not given any official update about the release date of Jordan 11. From the timing of the previous launches, we can assume that Nike will drop Jordan 11 around December 2022. 

We are hoping for a December release by looking at the history of launches of various Nike Air models every year at the same time. 

For the last few years, Nike has released Air shoes around Christmas. So, we are expecting the same for this year too.

Well, the above is just a prediction. Nike still has to give official confirmation about the release date.

Make sure you check our website again, as we will keep you posted here only. 

Air Jordan 11 Cherry
Air Jordan 11 Cherry

Air Jordan 11 Retro Cherry Design

To the dismay of the fans, Nike has not released an image of the design of the Air Jordan 11. As Nike is yet to reveal the design meanwhile @zsneakerheadz @sneakerfiles shared the pictures of shoes on which Air Jordan 11 may be based. He shared that “Cherry” 11’s design may be based on the original 2001 design.

There are plenty of chances that Air Jordan 11 will adhere to the classic design of 2001, Air Jordan. Jordan 11 will have white reticulated uppers and overlays made up from patent leather of cherry red color covering the heel counters and mudguards.

The heel and outsole of the shoes will have the brand Jordan written on them, with cherry-red color.

Finally, there will be little translucent material, just like ice around the sole. The sole pattern will almost be similar to the 2001 low-top release.

Air Jordan 11 Retro Cherry Price

According to several leaks, one pair of men’s Air Jordan 11 retro cherry will cost approximately $225. 

However, Nike has not confirmed the price yet. The release date of the shoes is far away, so the price may change subject to modifications in the shoes. So, wait for more updates to arrive.

There is the buzz everywhere about the sneaker, and it is one of the most sought sneakers. We suggest you keep the track of the release of the sneakers so that you can have them before salesmen and bot buy them for resale at a higher price.

Platforms for buying Air Jordan 11 Retro Cherry

It is obvious that Air Jordan 11 retro cherry will first arrive on It may be available under the basketball and Jordan subsection.

If you wish to purchase the shoes as soon as it arrives, allow push notification for the website or Nike app to get the information.

So, be ready and fast and keep the eagle eyes on the release of shoes.

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