When is ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies’ coming out?


In the list of romance movies, there is not a single one that can compete with Grease. The love between Danny and Sandy is so pure and honest that we’ve never seen the likes of it before.

The movie also features several hit songs, a lot of comedic situations, and a whole lot of drama. Thus, it is no surprise that fans were bouncing off the walls upon hearing the news of a grease prequel.

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies is an upcoming romantic comedy TV series. It is the prequel series of Grease 1 and 2. So when is ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies’ coming out? Does it have a release date as of yet? What is the plot? Keep on reading to find out. 

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Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Release Date

Initially, the musical series was called Grease: Rydell High. The title was given to it at the time of its announcement in 2019. However, in May 2020, the title was changed to Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies and the release date was set in 2021. 

The date was pushed back as HBO, the initial producing company, backed away from working on the series. A contract was then drawn up with Paramount+ who issued an order for a ten-episode season. The President of the company expressed her excitement saying, 

“We are thrilled to unveil our new original series that will introduce an incredible cast of young stars in the making and electrifying musical numbers you will fall in love with.” 


Filming for the series began 2 days ago on January 31, 2022. Thus, the release date will probably be somewhere in late 2022. Fans will most likely enjoy the series before the end of this year. 


This upcoming prequel takes place 4 years before Grease 1 came out. The official synopsis reads, 

“Before rock ‘n’ roll ruled and before the T-Birds were the coolest in the school. It follows four fed-up outcasts who dare to have fun on their own terms, sparking a moral panic that will change Rydell High forever.”

Set in 1954, this musical romantic comedy series will feature lots of drama and stomach hurting laughter. After all, nobody does drama better than the Pink Ladies. 

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Cast 

The cast for Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies includes, 

  • Marisa Davila plays the role of Jane
  • Shanel Bailey plays the role of Hazel
  • Johnathan Nieves plays the role of Richie
  • Cheyenne Isabel Wells as Olivia
  • Tricia Fukuhara plays the role of Nancy
  • Ari Notartomaso plays the role of Cynthia
  • Madison Thompson plays the role of Susan. 
  • Maxwell Whittington-Cooper plays the role of Wally
  • Jason Schmidt plays the role of Buddy
  • Jackie Hoffman plays the role of Asst. Principal McGee. 

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Trailer 

Filming for the series just began. Thus, a trailer will take a few months to come out. We will update you all as soon as we get more information about the release of a trailer.

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