Close Enough Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer– Everything We Know So Far


HBO released its most famous animated adult sitcom called Close Enough in 2020. The series gained the attention of millions of people globally as they couldn’t help but fall in love with its stomach hurting comedy.

It deals with the story of a small family and their friends as they go through the ups and downs of domestic life together. The series currently features two successful Seasons on HBO Max.

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Rumors of a third one coming out this year have been in the air for quite some while now. Is this true? Is Close Enough Season 3 coming to our screens in 2022? Keep on reading to find out the latest news on this naughty exciting adult series. 

Close Enough Season 3 Release Date

Close Enough is one of the most-watched animated series of all time. Thus, it is no surprise that the producers were quick to renew it for a third season even before the second one premiered. 

The series executive producer Bill Oakley announced the news in a Twitter post. He tweeted, 

“Season 2 of Close Enough arrives on HBO Max February 25th and, furthermore, I am pleased to finally announce that I am now Head Writer and Executive Producer for the upcoming Season 3!” 

Close Enough Season 3
Close Enough Season 3

Unfortunately, we don’t have an official release date as of yet. However, the second season came out only seven months after the first one. This means that fans won’t have to wait for too long to watch the third season too. 

Based on the previous release pattern, Close Enough Season 3 will come out in fall 2022- most likely in September. 


Like all other sitcoms, the episodes in Close Enough are not linked to each other. Each one features a unique story with its crazy ending. 

However, all the episodes follow the same pattern. One of the family members faces a crisis that is mostly related to aging, new relationships, raising children, and other 21st century family problems.

Then, the crisis is exaggerated and thrown into several twisted loops which make you pull your hair in frustration! The family does manage to find an absurd way to evert their crisis successfully in the end. The third season will probably follow the same pattern. It will also impart some life-changing knowledge to us such as its necessary to put down your phone and interact with the people around you. 

Close Enough Season 3 Cast

The main cast is expected to return in Season 3. This includes

  • Joshua “Josh” Singleton- J. G. Quintel- A video game developer.
  • Emily Ramirez- Gabrielle Walsh- The wife who is an assistant at FoodCorp.
  • Candice Singleton-Ramirez- Jessica DiCocco- Josh and Emily’s six-year old daughter.
  • Alex Dorpenberger- Jason Mantzoukas- The best friend of Josh. 
  • Bridgette Yoshida- Kimiko Glenn- Emily’s best friend. She is Alex’s ex-wife. 
  • Pearle Watson- Danielle Brooks- The landlord.
  • Randall “Randy” Watson- James Adomian- Pearl’s adopted son.

Each season of the series features several guest star appearances too. These stars are not revealed beforehand so that fans can get some exciting surprises. 

Close Enough Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for Close Enough Season 3 is not out as of yet. However, since the series is currently in the works, we may get one sooner than expected.

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