Overwatch Lunar New Year 2022 Start Time, Skins and Year of Tiger Modes


Welcome back all the game lovers! January is really a very interesting month for all the gamers out there. In this month there is not only a celebration for the match event of the Chinese blizzard but there is also an event known as the day that by day this is a sale for all the gamers which is going to start on 27th of January.

Even though there is a lot to look forward to, all the fans of the blizzard will be able to get all the cosmetics back from last year along with that they will be able to reboot all the bounty Hunters as well.

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The official event of Overwatch’s annual Lunar New Year Is on its way to being back once again.  And as we all know what this means to us we are going to have a whole new collection of skins that is inspired by all different kinds of villains and Heroes of overwatch. 

Along with that, we will have emotes, game modes, sprays, and a lot more on the plate for us.   

This event is almost the same every year and we clearly know what is going to happen in this event for us.  Even though the event had brought the first capture of the flag game mode since its first release, nothing more has been added to the list yet.

And with that, we can say the best of the overwatch skins are available in this event only For all the people who love to be festive and enjoy the theme this event is definitely for them.

And if you look at these events it’s not much difficult to figure out which all, when will the event start and when will it end and how many events are going to be presented in the year and mostly in the month of November. 

Other than that during the time, all the players will have a lot of chances to play games and earn all these skins.  And as far as we know this year Overwatch is all building up and has made a lot of changes with their skin.

And what all the fans are awaiting the most is to see if any changes have been made to this event or not. With this belief, all the fans have a lot of expectations from this event and a lot of questions are going around regarding the event.

So to answer all your questions we have gathered all the information just for you. Keep reading the article to stay updated and get all your questions answered.

When will the Overwatch Lunar New Year of 2022 Begin?

Overwatch Lunar New Year 2022
Overwatch Lunar New Year 2022

As per the reports, the lunar year for the year 2022 is going to be released on 25th January and it will begin at 10:00 PT, 13:00 ET, and 18:00 GMT. The release date of Blizzard was officially shared on Twitter along with the time which is as usual as the previous events.  The event will begin on 25th January 2020 and is going to end on 15th February 2022.

Which All Types of Skins Are Expected to Be Released This Year?

As per the report, there are a total of 3 new skins to unlock the note and water lunar new year 2022. It is also believed that this year is the year for tigers and all the events will be held in that theme. 

As of now, the cosmetics haven’t been shared by Blizzard but one can unlock all the outfits just by winning the nine games in those weeks of the event. If you win three and six matches you would be a Splash player in the event. 

Along with the three Epic costumes, there would be 5 legendary costumes as well, and below mentioned are the legendary costumes  which were available for 2021:

  • pale snake
  • hunter tiger
  • dragon fire
  • kakashi
  • Taurus demon

Which All Modes Were Available in 2021?

Below mentioned is the list of all limited modes available for the event in 2021: 

  • Bounty Hunter
  • Capture the Blitz العلم Flag
  • Hold the flag

Until any further updates stay tuned with us and we will be back with all the news about your favorite characters and shows.

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