Elon Musk’s Amazing Hiring Strategy of Using the 2-Hands Test–Instead of Degrees


Recently it was in the news that Elon musk has discredited the entire educational system and referred to it as finding and fielding top talents. He shared his views saying that college is just for fun and no more for learning. 

He recently shared that while all the other companies all around the world look upon the degrees by the candidates as a tool for searching for talents, he looked more into the skills and said that for him skills matter a lot more than any other degree. 

And with this practice, all his companies including SpaceX and Tesla had some very curious, creative, and bright minds from all over the world, and to the degree doesn’t matter. He further said that the Hiring process requires Two Steps called two hand tests.

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And if we talk about two hand tests it does not limit the individuals to apply for jobs just like with the ones who have degrees and thus this helps all the individuals to qualify through hands-on expertise and experience.

This process is very well worked just like a complete planned process to build a simple and effective search for any business out there to get the best talents all across the world. 

How Spacex and Tesla Have the Top Talents Through Their Expertly Engineered Process

So if you are wondering about  what the two-hand process is we have explained everything below for you to get clear about this entire idea :

  1. First-hand experience 

Even though there are a lot of questions in the market regarding experience and education for Elon musk It’s not the same thing as others.

Elon Musk's Amazing
Elon Musk’s Amazing

For him experience is much more important than education he believes that experience is a kind of education for an individual and in every way, that person would be very much educated in every way and not only this his theory regarding this particular Idea was also approved by Association of American colleges and Universities. 

A study by the Association of American Colleges and Universities found that almost more than half of the hiring managers believe that education is very important. However, the reason was always based on the soft skills acquired in college or skills which helped students to have a job.

They mentioned that the exact skills are always difficult to judge in an interview and those skills can only be grown by personal life experience and not from any college workshops.  

And if we see the simpler way, education is not just limited to the classroom and only decreases but it completely spends on the water experience we have and what we learn from it. And all the experience first-hand is just a way to find new talents who have even better knowledge than those with degrees. 

  1. Hands-On Testing

Elon Musk has complete guidelines on all the Strategies and processes to grow his business and also his life for betterment and this is the reason why billionaires have a $50000 small house. So just like product testing is a part of the development of a business, so is candidate testing.

Even though a job interview is a form of a test rather than examining all the capabilities of the individuals participating, a lot of Companies work on how much knowledge the individual contains for the particular position.

Many companies simply work to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge. However, there is a huge gap between storing information and memorizing and actually finding out the way how someone works. To get over such challenges all the candidates are always put to the test with relevant hands-on testing.

And to check the efficiency of a candidate they have to go through various tests and assignments that actually match the role they are applying for. And to get the accurate result of the particular candidate or if the candidate is eligible for the position it is important to keep the resources necessary and the test scope to be limited so that you can measure the candidate effectively for the job role. 

The entire process of hiring any candidate is very tiring and the more efficiently and quickly you can find a suitable candidate for this it gets easier for you.

It all depends on how you can interview, apply hand on testing and also finalize the candidate from millions of applicants, and thus this is the way Tesla and space act find their highest and most talented candidates. 

And thus having a great business doesn’t mean finding the whole lot of it. It also means having a smart hiring strategy so that you can have the best employees from all over the world who can efficiently and more creatively do your business and also you can give from the best business.

So stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates and tricks from your inspirations!

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