Titans Season 4: Expected Release Date & Updates!


The most popular dark fantasy drama anime series of all time, Attack on Titans, is currently premiering its 4th and final season. The season is full of nonstop plot twists and mind-boggling scenarios as enemies become allies and friends turn into foes.

Season 4 of the series has 18 episodes till now. How many more are there? Is the fourth season going to end soon? What are the updates on the remaining episodes? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Titans Season 4.

Titans Season 4 Release Date

Season 4 of Attack on Titans is split into two parts. The first part consisted of 16 episodes all of which are available for viewing online. Three episodes of the second part have aired as of yet with the first one airing on January 10 followed by the second one on January 17.

The third episode came out on January 23 with a fourth episode all set to release on January 31. A week later, episode 21 will release on February 7. As of now, this is all the information that we have about the release date of Season 4. We don’t know whether there will be more episodes and when they’ll come out. 

The released episodes are available on Funimation Entertainment, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. 

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Titans Season 4 Plot

So far we’ve seen things take a turn for the worse as The Marleyan forces destroy Eldian of Paradis Island and Eren is executed by Gabi. Now, only Zeke Yeager can save the day. He manages to save Eren and fulfills his wish of making Eldians infertile.

He did this by controlling Ymir. Thus, he got everything he wanted in the latest episode. Does this mean he will abandon Eren now? Or will Eren find a way to take down Zeke and turn back things? Only Episode 20 will tell. 

Titans Season 4
Titans Season 4


The cast for Season 4 includes all the show’s main stars, 

Eren Jaeger – Voiced by Yûki Kaji in Japanese and Bryce Papenbrook in English

Gabi Braun – Voiced by Ayane Sakura in Japanese and Lindsay Seidel in English

Falco Grice –Voiced by Natsuki Hanae in Japanese and Bryson Baugus in English

Armin Arlelt – Voiced by Marina Inoue in Japanese and Josh Grelle in English

Mikasa Ackermann – Voiced by Yui Ishikawa in Japanese and Trina Nishimura in English. 

Reiner Braun –Voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya in Japanese and Robert McCollum in English

Jean Kirshtein – Voiced by Kishô Taniyama in Japanese and Mike McFarland in English

Connie Springer – Voiced by Hiro Shimono in Japanese and Clifford Chapin in English

Hange Zoë – voiced by Romi Park in Japanese and Jessica Calvello in English

Floch Forster – voiced by Kenshô Ono 

In Japanese and Matt Shipman in English

Porco Galliard – Voiced by Toshiki Masuda in Japanese and Kellen Goff in English

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Titans Season 4 Trailer

The official trailer for Attack on Titan Season 4 is available on YouTube. It features clips from the upcoming season. 

The trailer starts with Eren in battle. Later, a girl reveals that a titan with royal blood as well as finding titan are alive. There is a lot of fighting, running, and apocalyptic incidents in the trailer which portrays the theme of the series perfectly!


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