Msnbc’s Chuck Todd: Biden and Democrats Could Be Heading for an Obama-era ‘Shellacking’ in the Midterms


According to MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, based on previous performance measures of job approval rating and the American people’s perception of the nation’s direction, President Biden and the Democratic party could be going to head into the midterm elections in “shellacking territory,” similar to what was seen throughout former President Barak Obama’s first term in the White House in 2010.

“There are three opinion polls you can watch nationwide that will tell you the likely form of these midterm elections,” Todd explained. “They are the 1) direction of the nation, right path [or] wrong path, the 2) presidential performance rating, and the 3) generic vote.”

“And at this moment, two of the three poll numbers we follow are in crushing loss territory, so it’ll be a great deal of fun as we monitor across the year.”

Todd highlighted an NBC survey from October 2021, which found that 71% of participants disapproved of the nation’s course. “That’s major shellacking territory,” he remarked. 

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The Poll

According to Todd, the other statistic, Biden’s job satisfaction (42 percent), material is placed the Democratic Party in electoral jeopardy.

In 2010, 60 percent of Americans (compared to Biden’s 70 percent) said the country was heading in the wrong way. The favorability rating for the president was 45 percent (relative to Biden’s 42 percent).

Aside from the NBC poll, a more significant Quinnipiac poll placed Biden’s favor at 33%. “Every time I believe the White House thinks they’d reached the bottom, there appears to be a new low,” Todd said.


The Dissatisfied Americans

The majority of the population is dissatisfied with the government’s management of COVID-19, foreign affairs, and the economy, according to the survey.

The survey reflects unprecedented inflation, the widely panned pullout from Afghanistan, and Biden’s inability to “turn off the virus” as he pledged during the 2020 elections.

According to a Fox Business poll conducted in December, the majority of Citizens believe 2021 will be a negative year for their family members and that they are pessimistic about the future of this country.

History of Shellacking

A bit of history: The party in charge of the White House won House seats in both 1998 and 2002, five in 1998 and eight in 2002.

What were the results of our NBC News survey just before the elections? Well, most or plurality of voters thought the country was heading in the right way; Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had favorability numbers above 60%, and their democrats held tight leads on the polling average.

Now let us demonstrate how a shellacking appears like: When the governing party experienced huge losses in 1994, 2006, 2010, 2014, and 2018, large majorities believed the nation was on the wrong course before the vote; each president’s job performance was below 50 percent, and the president’s party lagged on the national poll.

So, with much less than a year since the November midterm elections, the most recent NBC News survey reveal that It was going in the direction of the shellacking territory.

October 2021 NBC News survey found that 71 percent of citizens of America believe the nation is heading in the wrong path; President Biden’s performance rate was only 42 percent, and Democrats had a tiny advantage on the generic vote. 

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As per Gallup polls, that was the Republican establishment lead (in percentage points) in the fourth quarter of 2021.

To end the year, 47 percent of people questioned by Gallup identified as Republicans or inclined toward that party, versus 44 percent who identified as Democrats or inclined toward that party.

This represents a dramatic turnaround from the first quarter of 2021 when Democrats led by a margin of 49 percent to 40 percent (when the leaners are included).

Democrats have typically had a lead in party identification for the majority of the 30 years that Gallup has monitored this pattern, rendering the Republican advantage remarkable. 


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