Apex Legends Season 12 Release Date – New Legend, Modes, and Weapons


Do you want to discover a little more about Apex Legends Season 12? Apex Legends released its first non-battle royale feature, Zones, in 2021, which was a momentous year for EA’s battle royale game.

The changes didn’t seem to stop there, as four latest players were included in the game and a new island environment called Storm Point. The new material was enthusiastically embraced by gamers, with Apex Legends experiencing its greatest player number on Steam.

Season 12 appears to have some intriguing improvements to the game, providing the information leakages are right. Fuse, the bombs specialist from the planet Salvo, entered the Apex Games last year with a boom.

Apex Legends Season 12 Release Date

According to information released by the programmers last year, Respawn is working on the pass and a next version upgrade. These improvements were planned to debut in 2021 but were postponed until 2022, so they could appear in Season 12.

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This is every information we have about Apex Legends Season 12, such as who could enter the cast, which devices have been released, and any fresh details.

Apex Legends Season 12 will most likely be released on February 9. The current season is slated to expire on February 8 — fresh Apex Legends seasons often begin the day after the prior one concludes. 

Mad Maggie in Apex Legends Season 12

According to the most recent data collected material from Shrugtal, Mad Maggie’s sensors, skydiving motions, and parts of her voiceovers have been included in the downloads folder.

This typically means that a new personality will be introduced within the following month or two. Maggie has previously been a part of the Apex Legends narrative – immediately after Fuse entered the Apex Games, Maggie organized her personal Ring Fury invasion event.

Players who are familiar with Apex Legends mythology may have believed Maggie died on the last page of the in-game Armageddon graphic.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching TV over the years, it’s that you should never think someone is dead unless you see a body. Head over to our next Legend guide to discover further about Mad Maggie and her skills.

Apex Legends Season 12
Apex Legends Season 12

Update for Apex Legends Season 12 Next Generation

A recent PlayStation Store update confirmed the existence of a PS5 edition of Apex Legends. This strongly implies that the next generation upgrade will be released around Season 12.

There’s a potential that this update may bring fresh aesthetic upgrades to the PC version, however, the modifications won’t be substantial because Apex Legends still requires low-end hardware to run. 

Balance Changes in Apex Legends Season 12

Many Apex Legends avatars haven’t had any stability updates in a long time. It seems that the creators are being careful when it comes to making major changes because the game is now in a good spot in terms of competitiveness.

While there have been requests to enhance Mirage since his kit is a little too flashy, Crypto may be next in line for balancing improvements.

Respawn’s live balancing designer, John Larson, acknowledged on the Apex Uncut show in July 2021 that the team has been working on methods to boost Crypto.

The recon Legend performs well in competition, but his powers have pushed him to the sidelines since some players find his playing style to be less entertaining than the other Legends’.

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“When considering how to make him [Crypto] a little sexier, I believe simplifying the movement between Crypto mode and drone mode, and perhaps dispersing that power more healthily, so it’s not quite as binary, would be a great way of tackling that,” Larson said of changing Crypto’s powers.

Apex Legends Season 12 New Game Modes

Before the release of Season 10, Shrugtal uncovered evidence in the game files that indicated a fresh game mode was in the making.

This mode looks to be comparable to Domination in Call of Duty games, with participants dedicated to taking three specific points on the map. Shrugal discussed this forthcoming mode in a video aired in September, stating that it will most likely debut in Season 12 or 13.

Respawn has already said that they intend to develop modes other than a battle royale. Season 12’s primary talking point would be the Domination-style game mode, and there’s little prospect of a new map appearing very soon, given Storm Point debuted last season.

In addition to all of this stuff, Respawn producer Josh Medina has been hinting on his Twitter profile about a unique play mode coming in Season 12.

Apex Legends Season 12 New Weapons

A new gun was unveiled in the newest Stories from the Outlands film featuring Bangalore’s sibling. The gun used by the unknown pilot resembles the Titanfall Smart Pistol, according to Reddit user iranoutofnamesnow.

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Some speculate that the Smart Pistol has been saved for a future Legend, however, this seems doubtful given that most skillshots have some type of strategic play.

In case you missed it, the Smart Pistol was such a formidable weapon in Titanfall 1 that the developers made it killstreak weaponry in Titanfall 2.

If the handgun does find its way to Apex Legends, there’s a strong possibility it’ll only contain a couple of bullets. That’s everything you want to know regarding Apex Legends Season 12.


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