Gentefied Season 3 Cancelled by Netflix


Netflix has changed the world of entertainment for the viewers forever. With its out-of-the-box web series and outstanding star cast. Netflix has improved the game of entertainment forever.

The series that are released however do not receive the same amount of love and affection all the time. Most of the series come and go out of the broadcasting network without us even knowing about them. 

As Netflix at the end is in the entertainment industry for making a profit, and hence, it makes decisions according to the commercial success of the series. If it’s a hit, we see various seasons of it.

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And if it is not, the series is wrapped up in the first season itself. The third season of our beloved Gentefied is facing this fate as Netflix has decided to discontinue the third edition of the series and eventually the series itself.

Gentefied was basically a drama cum comedy and was made by Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez. The show revolves around three Mexican-American cousins who live in East Los Angeles.

The show portrays their everyday adventures in the city and how they get Gentefied. The show also stresses the social problem of family separation and the lives of the ones who live in the United States without any documents.

The first season of the Gentefied received much love and appreciation, when it premiered in February 2020. It was an instant hit and hence, Netflix continued with the contract and went on with the release of the second season in November 2021. 

The second season however failed to create much of a spark and the viewers disapproved of it. Overall it has proved to be a misadventure for the broadcasting giant. This however was an unexpected turn of events as the comedy-drama in its first season managed to reach a position of 118 in IMDB’s list but the second season struggled at the position of 349 even after a week of its release.

We say that the step to discontinue the series took us back as the first season performed outstandingly and was amongst the top 10 in the list of the most-watched on TV in the United States and that too for nine consecutive days.

This, however, could not make the background for the third season as the second season faced a highly unsuccessful graph and the viewers didn’t even let it touch a single milestone. 

Gentefied Season 3
Gentefied Season 3Gentefied Season 3

This news of cancellation has a mixed reaction amongst the viewers as though the majority disapproved of it. However, this doesn’t mean that the series was devoid of appreciators, the series is liked by many and created a fan base, though small, but it did exist. This small bunch is not at all happy with this news and for some, this news brings utter disappointment. 

The news of this discontinuance was inevitable for most of the viewers who were aware of the existence of the series. They are not at all surprised by the news of it as the bad performance and the losses incurred by the broadcasting giant made it too obvious and anticipated by them. 

It is not the first time that a show of Latin origin has been canceled because of a bad performance. This fate was shared by many others and each time it was heartbreaking for the fans to be not able to continue in the world of their favorite characters. 

The ones who follow the stats and work of Netflix closely, very well know that with the start of each year Netflix tends to drop the non-performing series and unpopular series’. They do not do this in a very public and enthusiastic environment rather believe in the bulk dropping of all such series, shows in one go.

Gentefied is the first major drop which is also of public knowledge and which is done by the broadcasting streaming giant, Netflix.

Was this Cancellation Inevitable?

It is a very famous proverb that the coming events cast their shadow before their arrival. The first season followed a downward graph of the creativity in the content across the episodes.

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Hence many of the experts took it that Gentefied might not even return for the second installment, but it did. Hence it can be said that this step of cancellation was long due and is now executed on the third season. Netflix sure has made a decision which it would have taken a season earlier.

Reaction of the Fans on Cancellation of Gentefied Season 3

As pointed above, the show did have a small circle of fans and they sure are affected by the news of this cancellation but the major chunk remains unaffected and most of them did not even know of the existence of such a show, even after its two seasons.

This existence of a small fan group is substantiated by the comments of the said fans on the official Insta page of the Gentefield and they are: “We need a season 3, please. This show truly represents us Latinos.

The cast was wonderful and you fall in love with each and everyone, especially Pop!!! It talked about our struggles and being children of immigrants really hit home. Thank you for being our voice” 

Many of such emotional appeals have erupted on the page, post the announcement of the cancellation. However, all these emotional appeals are futile as the cancellation is here to stay.

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