El Marginal Season 5 Release Date Updates, Cast, Synopsis and More

El Marginal is a Police procedural Argentina show which hit Netflix in October 2016. The first season of the series initially premiered in Televisión Pública Argentina. But, at the end of season 1, Netflix acquired the show. It is the first-ever Argentina show that Netflix has acquired.

The series focuses on the life of former police officer, Miguel Palacios who is very talented. Miguel goes to the jail of San Onofre as an uncover agent to find and stop the gang that would be involved in the kidnapping.

However, things turn upside down for the officer, and he gets trapped in jail on false allegations. Miguel Palacios’s adventures journey begins from here, where he will try to find out what happened to him.

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Season 1 of the series was highly underrated. It received an IMDB rating of 2.9 out of 10. However, thanks to the streaming giant, Netflix. It reversed the game. Despite such low ratings, the streaming giant renewed the series for the second installment, and the magic happened. 

The series became a sensation and was praised by the critics as well as the fans. Season 2 of the series received an excellent rating of 9.4 out of 10, and season 3 has also received  9.6 out of 10

The series attracted millions of follows and made them addicted to the series. The series is nominated for numerous prestigious awards, and it was fortunate enough to win the Golden Martín Fierro award, Tato award, and Festival Séries Mania.

After three seasons, now the fourth season is coming on 17 January 2021 to entertain the fans for one more time. Fans are excited not only about the fourth season but also the fifth season.

Fans desperately wish to know about the future of the series. Well, let see what Netflix has for the show. With wasting a second, let us delve into the article.      

El Marginal season 5 Release date

El Marginal season 4 is yet to release on 17 January 2021. Therefore, it seems quite difficult to guess the release date of El Marginal season 5. Even as of now, it is improbable to guess whether Netflix will renew the show for the fifth installment.

El Marginal Season 5
El Marginal Season 5

The renewal of the series depends on the response of the audience on El Marginal season 4.

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If everything goes well and Netflix renews the series for the fifth installment then, it may premiere at the beginning of 2023.

So stay tuned, and wait for any official confirmation.

El Marginal Season 5 Cast

Well, season 4 is yet to arrive, and there is no official announce element for season 5 so far, so it seems improbable t-o guest the cast of the series for the present moment. The cast of El Marginal Season 5 entirely depends on the storyline of season 4. However, below is the cast of season 4 for your reference.

  • Juan Minujín as Miguel Palacios
  • Nicolás Furtado as Juan Pablo “Diosito” Borges
  • Claudio Rissi as Mario Borges
  • Martina Gusmán as Lic. Emma Molinari
  • Gerardo Romano as Director Sergio Antín
  • Lorenzo Ferro as Cristian “Moco” Pardo
  • Alejandro Awada as Oliverio Bruni
  • Carlos Portaluppi as“El Morcilla”
  • Gustavo Pardi as Pikachu
  • Guito Botto Fiora as “Fiorella”
  • Daniel Pacheco as James “El colombiano”
  • Marcelo Peralta as Barny
  • Brian Buley as Pedro, “Pedrito” o “El enano”
  • Jorge Lorenzo as Oficial Capece
  • Emanuel García as Arnol
  • Ignacio Sureda as “Pantera”
  • Mauro Angemi as “Calambre”
  • Ana Garibaldi as Gladys Borges
  • Gustavo Garzón as Eduardo Pardo
  • Osqui Guzman as Ramos
  • Ana María Picchio as Estela Morales
  • Denis Corat as “Marquitos”
  • David Masajnik as Juan Carlos Rodríguez, “Tubito”
  • Maite Lanata as Luna Lunati
  • Aylin Prandi as Sofia
  • Mariano Argento as Cayetano Lunati
  • Javier Pedersoli as Kalina
  • Roly Serrano as Sapo Quiroga
  • Diego Cremonesi as Quique “El Cuis”

El Marginal Season 5 Plot

Well, the storyline of El Marginal Season 5 will depend on the ending of El Marginal Season 4. So, it is impossible to guess the storyline of season 5 as of now. So, you have to wait till the conclusion of season 4 to predict the plot for El Marginal Season 5.

El Marginal Season 5 Trailer

El Marginal season 5 is not confirmed yet. So, as of now, we can not think of its trailer. However, the breathtaking trailer of El Marginal season 4 is available to watch. You can enjoy the trailer here.

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