Do Fallon and Liam Get Divorced in Dynasty Season 5?

Dynasty, which is one of the most loved and appreciated web series on the CW returned with the fifth installment in December 2021. Only two episodes were aired in 2021, with the rest to follow in the coming months.

These two episodes depicted the families celebrating Christmas together and teased a promising plot for the rest of the season. Dynasty revolves around two of the richest families of America. Where both are in a fierce duel against each other. Both in a bid to control and establish supremacy over each other and their respective children. 

The series has been a joyful and entertaining ride so far, and the previous four seasons have been promising and have received a good response from the viewers. 

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The first two episodes have revealed the fate that follows for Fallon Carrington in the events that followed in season 4. Fans are now wondering what lies in store for Fallon and Liam in Dynasty season 5. 

All along the fourth season of Dynasty, Fallon and Liam were seen struggling with their relationship and that too in the very first year of their marriage. Liam is seen following his father’s past, while Fallon is seen giving more preference and importance to work over their marriage. The couple has gone through a lot, and this gives a clear indication that the marriage has started to fall apart. 

Nothing so far has been revealed as to what happens to the couple. The makers have been cautious enough to not give any spoilers to the fans regarding the fate of the couple. 

However, the fans who are following the series religiously are of the opinion that the divorce is the most probable outcome after all the couple has been through. 

Dynasty Season 5
Dynasty Season 5

This is all expected by them to happen even before the couple can hit their first anniversary. There is a catch here that the makers of the season are known to lead the fans to conclusions that never happen on-screen and to take the fans aback by surprise.

Hence, it is probable that the couple might bury the hatchet and sort out the differences to lead a happy and meaningful life. 

These new developments however are unknown to the fans who follow the series on Netflix as the show airs on the CW first and is then broadcasted on Netflix. Dynasty season 5 has exploded the fans with excitement, and they cannot help but make theories and guesses about the probable outcome. 

But, what is guaranteed is sheer entertainment for the fans. 

The Latest Developments in the Dynasty Season 5

In the last season, that is season 4, the couple, Liam and Fallon were thought to have left the past and buried it in a place where it no longer can affect their present. However, some things are easier when put into words and are seemingly impossible when put into action. 

This has turned out to be one such thing for the couple as they eventually get into the feud, and the credit goes to Eva creating differences between the couple and Fallon cheating on Liam with colin.

After Fallon is shot, Liam plays the good husband and ensures to be by her side and support in every way possible. But the moment she returns to the house from the hospital, Liam ventilates all the anger on her, which he had been keeping at the back of his head, in light of the contemporary situations.

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The attitude of Fallon in her work further catalyzes the anger of Liam and urges him to take some serious steps. Things take a U-turn after Fallon goes into a coma due to an infection, and things go back to square one. 

The time that Fallon remains in a coma gives tome to Liam to introspect, and he has this realization that he has been quite angry at himself also, and the intensity of this anger on himself is at the same intensity as his anger towards Fallon.

This introspection urges Liam to build things up with Fallon and wake her up from the coma. All these efforts by Liam bring out the best for both, and Fallon returns for Christmas, the best time of the year. After all these hurdles and hardships, the couple decides that they will allow their relationship to survive and decide to start afresh. 

So Fans here is good news that the couple is not opting for divorce anytime soon, but the conditions can change in the coming seasons or episodes.

Release of Dynasty Season 5 on Netflix

So far, only two episodes have aired of the Fifth season of Dynasty on The CW, which was released on December 20 of 2021. The rest of the episodes are expected to continue from March 11, 2022, and will have 22 episodes for the season. The remaining episodes are expected to finish by the summer of 2022, or more precisely in the early months of the summer of 2022. 

The previous seasons of the Dynasty have concluded in May. It is not still announced by The CW, what will be the exact schedule that will follow in the fifth season. The timeline for the release on Netflix is still blurry and depends on the date on which The CW decides to air the finale of season 5.

However, we expect the series to be on Netflix in June or July of 2022.

Till then, stay updated and keep checking this space for all the updates of your favorite series, Dynasty.

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