School of Chocolate Season 2: Release Date and Everything You Need To Know

School of Chocolate is a reality baking show and a Netflix original. The show premiered on Netflix on November 26, 2021. The show was hosted by the most talented and renowned chocolatier across the globe, Chef Amaury Guichon.

You must have watched several reality shows, but the present one is quite different. A total of eight contestants participated in the show who were lucky enough to take one on one lessons from Amaury Guichon. 

The contestants learn the art of engineering and sculpting cakes and pastries in 28-49 minutes episode each.

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The platform has provided the chefs with a great learning platform and the environment with Amaury Guichon. One of the best things about this reality show is that there is no elimination of the participants. The participants stayed at the show until the two best of them went ahead in the final to win the contest.  

What makes it more special is its prize money. The show has huge prize money of 50,000 dollars for the winner. 

In season 1 of School of Chocolate, Tricia Clark, Cedrick Simpson, Daniel Corpuz, Amanda Miller, Thiago Silva, Juan Gutierrez, Stephanie Norcio Mellisa Root participated as contestants. At the finale, Juan Gutierrez took the grand prize of 50,000 dollars at home.

Now, season 1 has ended, and if you are a fan of the show, you must be looking towards School of Chocolate Season 2. Well, you are at the right place. Be with us till the end to know about the future of the School of Chocolate.

School of Chocolate Season 2 Release date

The producers of School of Chocolate have not officially renewed the show for the second installment so far. However, given the popularity and statement of Chef Guichon, it seems that season 2 will happen soon.

At the end of Season 1, Chef Guichon, while opening a bottle of champagne, said, “And this concludes the first School of Chocolate,”. 

School of Chocolate Season 2
School of Chocolate Season 2

His statement indicates that the series is not the limited one, and season 2 will happen soon. Given the production, shooting, and more details, the show might hit the screen in Spring 2022. 

However, nothing is official yet. We will update here once we get official confirmation about the same.

School of Chocolate Season 2 Cast

Eight contestants participated in the first season. So, it is likely that season 2 will also have eight participants. However, as we told you earlier, season 2 is yet to be confirmed. So we don’t have names yet.

However, the show’s host, Amaury Guichon, will return for sure to teach his skills to the new entrants. His two professional assistants, Devin and Carolyn, will likely return as well to help him.

You will get an update here on the name of the participants.

School of Chocolate Season 2 format

In the first season, eight participants began the challenge and learned different techniques and methods from Chef Guichon. The best thing about the show is that there is no elimination.

In each round Chef, Guichon awarded the points based on their performances, and instead of eliminating the contestants, the lowest scoring two contestants out only from the next round.

While other contestants compete in the next round, Chef Guichon advised and taught the lowest-scoring contestants. At the finale, the highest scorer won the grand prize of 50,000 dollars.

School of Chocolate Season 2 will likely have the same format as its season 1.

School of Chocolate Season 2 Trailer

As School of Chocolate Season 2 has not been renewed yet, there is no question of the trailer as of now. We will update here once the trailer is out. 

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