Expense Season 6 Premiere Resolves Alex’s Replacement Issue

Imagination and dreamland have a deep and innate affinity for humans and that is one of the reasons that Sci-fi movies or series’ have a really high fans-following and that too from all age groups and across languages.

The fans of the legendary Star-Wars has fans of it even after so many years of its premiere, The Hobbit, Lord of Rings are some of the other examples.

The expanse has also garnered a huge fan base since its inception and recently we saw its season 6 premiere on December 10.

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In the previous season, we saw the death of our beloved pilot of the Rocinante that is Alex. Since the death of Alex, fans have been contemplating as to who will fill the shoes of Alex Kamal as the new pilot of the Rocinante in The Expanse’s season 6 and the result is surely unexpected and definitely not the one which most of the fans were expecting it to be.

The series has made sure to stick to the original book by James S.A. Corey as far as the characters and the basic storyline are concerned. The series depicts the same crew of the Rocinante as has been portrayed in the books that are Alex, Holden, Amos, Naomi, and this setup followed from season 1 until season 5, but things changed after Alex’s death.

This came after alleged multiple incidents and accusations of unexpected and improper conduct by the actor playing the character of Alex that is Cas Anvar and following an internal investigation, it was decided to write out the character Alex in the finale of Season 5 of The Expanse and hence we saw the character of Anvar killed all of a sudden by a stroke in such a way that there was no further requirement for the actor to film any scene for the series.

The biggest problem for the makers was to find a replacement for the pilot of the Rocinante. The role of the pilot was quintessential in all five seasons, the various escapades of the crew and the exceptional skills of Alex as a pilot of a complex martian spaceship like that of the Rocinante, have saved the day for our heroes numerous times.

But given the gravity of the skill requirement, a person with extreme talent was required and we expected an answer in José Zúñiga’s Bull, as the character seemed like the perfect successor to Alex given the way he handled the temporary responsibility given to him.

He performed some astonishing and unbelievable stunts during the course of his duty and what further substantiated our whims was the scene at which season 5 closed, which was Bull drinking from the old coffee mug of Alex.

However, The premier of Expanse season 6 has brought some surprises for us and has cleared the fog surrounding the question we have been relentlessly asking, and to our shock, Bull is absent from the whole scenario and does not even find any mention in the whole premiere episode, “strange dogs”.

Expanse Season 6
Expanse Season 6

The space ship i.e. Rosinante has been on a far-off mission of reconnaissance for none other than Avarsala, pretty much following the events after the wrap-up of the Season 5 of The Expanse. 

The crew now has Holden, Naomi, Amos, and Peaches (who were made part of the journey by Amos at the end of season 5) as the new official members of it. And the pilot to Rocinante is none other than James Holden, and he is seen trying his level best to wear the heavy responsibilities that Alex has left behind.

The character of Steven Strait is seen laying out orders side by side and pressing buttons desperately during the fight against a free navy skiff. What it seems is that the multi-taking is going to continue for a while as our new pilot has just taken the responsibility.

Rocinante being handled by Holden is a feasible and reliable solution to fill the space created after Alex’s departure from the series.

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The role of Holden has been interesting in the series and has seen a transition from being a First lieutenant in the naval force of the United Nations to an ice hauler in season 1 and finally being the pilot of Riconante and hence having quite an important role to play, what we expect is that great things lie in store for him in the coming episodes. 

But after the promotional material of the Expanse’s season 6, we saw that Bobbie Draper is soon to join the squad in their adventures and as she is a martian marine herself, she can be seen behind the wheel for a while, or as a permanent replacement or co-piloting alongside Holden.

From the looks in the premier, we could see Holden living up to the role as the new pilot quite efficiently but the whole backdrop that was set up since the opening of season 5 clearly pointed towards Jose Zuniga as being the successor to the seat of the pilot of Rocinante and till the very end.

the makers successfully made us believe so with great conviction and by using on-screen signals regarding the future of Jose Zuniga as the next pilot after Alex.

Maybe the makers wanted the viewers to take the road not to be taken and hit them with surprise with this unexpected change, maybe the actor himself did not have dates or might have some other reasons due to which he could not deliver to the expectations of the viewers or the makers may have a new line of the story for Jose and might see him making a star entry in the subsequent episodes and taking the responsibility of being the pilot.

However, we expect the series to deliver entertainment and fun for us all along and we trust the makers with the decisions made and look forward to unexpected twists and turns in the coming future.

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