Democrats Brace for Rewrite of Biden Spending Plan to Woo Joe Manchin

In October, the President of the USA, John Biden, proposed an Act, Build Back Better Act. According to Act, Democrats have a proposal to extend several temporary plans, especially, the extended child credit tax system, health care programs, universal preschool plan.

Through the plans, the Democrats wished to win hearts from various constituencies. The policies will also help Democrats in achieving long terms goals. However, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is no longer supporting the plan. 

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The vote of Joe Manchin is crucial for the Democrats. According to Manchin, the plan will be fatal for the economy and put the country in a more vulnerable position amid the pandemic.

President Is Facing a Problem in Retaining Promised Proposals

Joe Manchin has withdrawn his support which is essential for passing the Act. 

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, Manchin was in support of the act and went to White House to support it. Only after the discussion with Manchin, Mr. Biden announce the budget for the proposed Bill. 

However, Mr. Manchin said he discussed the proposal with Biden and told him that he had several points to discuss. But, Biden announced the budget before the discussion over the proposed issues.

Biden Spending Plan to Woo Joe Manchin
Biden Spending Plan to Woo Joe Manchin

Manchin further said that Democrats had been willing to shape the country in a way that made the country more vulnerable.

He stated in Fox Sunday:

I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. I just can’t. I’ve tried everything humanly possible. I can’t get there,”

“This is a no on this piece of legislation. I have tried everything I know to do,” he added, citing concerns over inflation, the national debt, and the COVID-19 pandemic for his decision.

Mr. Manchin set a budget of $1.75 trillion for spending for the goals set by the democrats over the period of 10 years. Accordingly, Democrats have set the deadlines for most of the programs to decrease the cost. Mr. Manchin also stated that he suggested treating long terms and temporary plans separately as combining them will lead to the scam and hide the true cost of the program.

According to Manchin, limitations on healthcare, child care, paid leave, climate change will take a substantial part of the $1.75 trillion.

According to CBC News, Mr. Manchin informed the White House before announcing his opposition to the bill on Sunday morning. When Manchin announced his inability to support the bill, the people knows him stated that he will be committed to the Bidden and willing to work on the issues in the framework. One of the people from the senate said’ “I also think he could find a way to yes on a version of it,”. “I don’t see [Build Back Better] as dead.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said :

“While it is disappointing that we may not have a law by the end of the year,” she wrote in a letter to colleagues late Sunday night, “we are hopeful that we will soon reach an agreement so that this vital legislation can pass as soon as possible next year.”

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From the beginning, it seemed difficult to pass the bill on the parliament. However, the bill required a simple majority. It needs a 50-50 split Congress for passing of the Act. Mr. Manchin has always shown support and corporated with Democrats since he became part of the senate in 2010. He said that he would continue to work in a corporation with democrats in a way that addresses the needs of Americans and did not risk the security of the nation.

Until the last week, Mr. Biden was very confident about reaching a consensus with Mr, Manchin. Mr. bidden stated last week: 

“It takes time to finalize these agreements, prepare the legislative changes, and finish all the parliamentary and procedural steps needed to enable a Senate vote,”.

However, Mr. Biden received the setback with the announcement of Mr. Manchin this Sunday.

The Democrats are trying the vote reversal and Mr. Biden stated that he would soon meet Mr. Manchin on the issues over the medical, healthcare, child tax credit, paid leave, and climate change policies. However, the president has not indicated that what policy would he take down.

Democrats Might Amend Policies and Reduce Taxes

The expansion of the increased Child Tax credit is almost taking $1.75 trillion, which is a total estimated budget. Congress passed the bill for an increased child tax credit for a total of 10 years in March. 

There are few low-cost options available with the Democrats. Democrats can increase the credit facilities that may give most benefits to families with low income with keeping in mind the increased tax credit.

However, Mr. Manchin has raised questions over the work done by the recipient in lieu of the credit. He showed his concern over the temporary expansion. 

However, there are concerns of Mr. Manchin which were not addressed before announcing the plan. The Democrats might amend the plan to get the bill passed in the parliament.

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