Five Players Who Could Leave Barcelona in January to Save Their Stalling Car

The year is about to end, and the new year brings new permutations and combinations with it, and Barcelona is not far behind in this race and furtherance of this belief is considering restructuring its players and trying to rope in new ones and let go of the old ones hence we expect new contracts drafted for the incoming ones while some will be discontinued. 

The champions league has been a disappointment for the club Barcelona, but the month of January has opened a window for the transfer and dismissals for the clubs.

The players and many have made their minds to join or leave the present clubs for the well-being of their career and the clubs are inclined towards this approach too and have begun with the process of making the respective clubs more elite and skillful.

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One of the giants, and most successful clubs of La Liga is Barcelona, which is looking to spend more and more in the coming winter and season of shuffling of players and to do this, they have to keep raising the funds and have to cut down on their payroll expenses.

The financial troubles that have come up are a matter of public knowledge, and the club also knows that they need good players on there and at the same time have to unload the ones that have proved to be so much lucky for them or are proving to be too expensive to hold.

The Barcelona club was beaten out of the champions league earlier this month, and the boss of the club that is Xavi Hernandez is not at all happy about the defeat and has made a pledge that the club will return to its glory and will rebuild itself to the level of the European elite and be successful once again within a year, this may sound too much energizing and a line worth dying for a fan, but the president of the club thinks otherwise, and this vow of the owner has created too much of pressure and strain for the club president. 

The president has identified about 7 free agents as targets for the next season, but the economy demands some exits from the club before that to happen. Blaugrana has already identified seven free agents as transfer targets for next season, but he will likely need a few exits first.

Following are the players which will be leaving the club from this January of 2022 to save their stalling careers. 

Samuel Umtiti

Mainly Playing in the center-back position, Samuel is one amongst the five players to bid adieu to the club in the first month of the coming year. Umtiti has suffered injuries on multiple occasions and has become a less- famous figure in the club.

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He has lost his prominence internationally and has trended downwards from becoming a high-ranking player to a low one. A player of such profile has not had many options but to explore its options.

Philip Coutinho

The next one on the list is the one who once was a record holder for the Barcelona club but his form has deteriorated ever since he left Liverpool. The Brazilian player was signed by the Catalan club for a record-breaking amount of 142 million euros, back in 2018. 

Leave Barcelona in January
Leave Barcelona in January

He too is one of the most expensive players who is not reaping any results for the team and is not considered as part of the core team today. Like umititi, he too has been having fitness issues and which has seriously been affecting his game.

The 29-year-old has made just 4 appearances for the club out of 16 and remains a minor figure in the club even when most of the big faces have either chosen or have been made to leave the club. The club hence has been seriously looking forward to this player leaving the Catalan club for good.

Frankie de Jong

This midfielder of Dutch origin also shares the same story, got transferred from Ajax in 2019 at a whopping 75 million euros while he had a promising career, but the year of 2021 has not been so kind to this player, and we have seen his game going from good to bad and then worst.

The club is also looking to transfer this player as they already have a lot of mid-fielders in the club to substitute for De Jong.

Usmane Dembele

Usmane Dembele’s contract ends this summer with the team, but the player is expected to leave the club this January.

He will either leave the club as a transfer or a free agent. But as the club is seeking to maximize the transfer fee and reduce the payroll, it might consider the transfer option more viable. However, the club will content itself even if Demebele leaves as a transfer agent as he is one of the most expensive and non-performing players of the club.

However, things were not the same since always, and Dembele was once a great and upcoming young talent in the sport, but fitness issues have let his career go down the lane of darkness. Hence this French striker will most probably be looking for a way out of the club.

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

Stegen is the fifth player who is expected to leave the club this winter as his form has seen a downfall in the last 18 months. Stegen in his days of glory was one of the best and most skilled goalkeepers but he has failed the club in nearly all matches and has been unstable and following a downwards trend. 

Though he is still the best option for Barcelona as a goalkeeper the club might not wanna risk witnessing the new low of him and might get rid of him for good.

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