She-hulk’s New Mcu Origins Redefine the Hulk’s Endgame Story

Marvel and superheroes are synonymous to us now. Over the years, Marvel has garnered such a huge fanbase that if they would have been for real, our superheroes could have won any election in any part of the world, given the global recognition and love that the characters have. 

Now that Marvel Cinematic Universe is in its Phase 4, there are many reasons to be excited and one amongst them is ‘She Hulk’. The fans are in high anticipation of all the characters in respective movies/series and are ready to give up anything to have the first look at them.

Well, fans, the wait for She-Hulk is over and we have a teaser of our female superhero which played by attorney Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, AKA Bruce Banner’s- the Hulk’s cousin. She is going to be the protagonist star of the tv series that will be streaming soon on the OTT platform in November 2022.

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The preview/teaser depicts the story of Jennifer walters as to how she became a superhero from a lawyer. The teaser that was released by Disney+ Hotstar may show the timeline just after the Avengers Endgame and may feature or have a substantial role of Mark Ruffalo as Hulk or as we know him now, Smart Hulk.

The teaser shows the transformation of Walters from Human to She-Hulk, the hardcore fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe, who have followed the beginning will get all nostalgic and might get reminded of The Hulk’s first edition.

The teaser shows a very short glimpse of Tatiana as She hulk, our very own new superhero, and we cannot hold our horses of excitement and imagine how great it would be to have our own Bruce Banner, smart Hulk feature on the big screen.

With the Infinity saga of Avengers approaching phase 4, Hulk’s character portrayal on-screen has taken various surprising turns.

she hulk
she hulk

We saw very little of Mark Ruffalo in human form and in fact, it was negligible, Hulk was in charge all along the length of the movie Thor: Ragnarok but in Avengers: Infinity Wars we saw Hulk being afraid to come out after getting thrashed by Thanos and Mark Ruffalo using Hulk Buster of Tony Stark in the battle.

But it was only in the End game that we saw an agreement/arrangement between Bruce and Hulk and Smart Hulk came to being. 

The end game depicts the smart Hulk’s arm damaged after using the infinity stones. Even though his arm was seriously damaged. It was only the sheer strength and capability of Hulk which allowed him to snap the finger after the Time Heist and bring back all that Thanos had changed, bringing back all to normal.

We saw the smart Hulk wearing a sling towards the end of the film. And then in the recent Marvel movie Shang-Chi, we saw Bruce Banner in his human form and not smart Hulk.

We are now wondering as to what has happened between the two, how the agreement of mind of Bruce Banner and body of Hulk came to an end and many more details exist which need an answer. She-hulk appears to be the answer to all our questions.  

She-hulk First Look

The She-hulk first look teases us of many things and gives us many things to be excited about. We saw human to the she-hulk transition of Jennifer Walters and we see smart Hulk and we presume that the events will take off from where the End game finished.

We predict this as we see the same sling and appearance of Hulk as was at the end of the movie and all the series till now have pretty much picked up from where they left in the movie, be it Loki, be it Falcon and winter soldier or Hawkeye.

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We saw smart Hulk and Jennifer in a closed and secure facility, a lab of some sort, where they apparently are testing the causes and effects of the reasons of the transition of walters, this and much is expected to follow. 

The scene that shows Smart Hulk shows Smart Hulk to be perfectly healthy which bedazzles us furthermore as in Shang chi we saw Bruce wearing the hand sling but here in the scene teased from the series we see that the hand that was damaged has perfectly healed and Banner is in great shape.

So, either the events in She-hulk happen in the same timeline as that of the Avengers: End Game that is smart hulk assisting his cousin during the 5 years that were jumped in the Avengers: End Game or it is just another trickery from Marvel to confuse the fans and fan the already smoldering excitement of the fans. 

What can also be a possibility is that given the intelligence of Bruce Banner, he might have come up with something that has cured the hand of the Hulk completely and the events pick up after the timeline of Shang-chi.

Whatever may be the case, the series has a lot of questions to answer and has a story to build and a future to carve of yet another superhero who is introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whatever may be the case a full-on rollercoaster ride for the fans is guaranteed.

We constantly update the developments in the story/character or any other related information regularly in this space. So, stay tuned for the updates to follow and to satiate your inquisitiveness. 

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