The Undertaker Joins Kevin Hart for a Bone-chilling Episode of “cold as Balls”

Recently in an interview, Kevin Hart shared a lot of interesting moments and we are here to share the same with you. The Undertakers recently discussed all the interesting times spent related to his career spent with WWE and also about his after retirement life.

He said that he believed in his work and continued to stay there for 13 years.

Undertaker even answered Hart’s question as he had asked him about being on the top 5 list of biggest pro-wrestling stars of all the time. He also added that a few companies even said him that they won’t pay to watch him wrestle.

He further shared that he had always taken decisions in his career in accordance with the WWE President Vince McMahon, who helped him through his journey.  The Undertaker even shared that he always wanted to wrestle however due to the health injuries he had to retire. He even shared that his body is no more supporting him for all such activities. 

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He had his retirement in the year 2020 and is now spending all his time with his family. He even shared that during his career 30 years of career at the WWE, he had undergone a total of 17 to 18 surgeries.

Along with that Undertaker’s habit of staying in the ice bath for a longer period of time had surprised Hart a lot. And after that when it was asked by Hart for how long he can stay in an ice bath.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

To this Undertaker said that a total of 10-15 minutes. The Undertaker also shared all about his 30-years of career at WWE. He even shared that his daughter is a big fan of John Cena. Undertaker had given a lot of interviews recently in which he shared all about his days spent in wrestling and all the challenges and traumas he has faced there.

The Undertaker Had Taken Cryotherapy to Heal

One of his favorite pass time was Ice baths as he had discussed further. He gradually started going to cryotherapy for keeping his muscles relaxed along with a high range of training and wrestling. Recently a video was released from WWE of the last ride held in 2020, and in that video, the Undertaker has shared his wrestling skills and his age. He also shared that he take on any possible treatments available to heal and relax after all the strength training. 

As he had started Cyptotheraphy, it helped him a lot to relax. Cryotherapy means a process of cooling down the body even at a very low temperature. The last match of undertakers was the match against AJ Styles which was held at WrestleMania 36.

After the match he further announced that he will be retiring from the Survivor Series which was held in 2020, sharing his last thoughts with the WWE family.

The Undertaker had taken place in a lot of memorable matches during the period of 30 years of his career. And even after this his WrestleMania 21 is still at its best LAter on he was appreciated by his fans for his performance in wrestling, even though he had his serious attitude. However, till then stay tuned with us for such amazing updates and a lot of other fun content.

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