Los Angeles County Lawyers Are Still Making Vanessa Bryant Suffer

Bryant’s lawsuit against Los Angeles County says that county fire and sheriff’s department workers circulated images of the January 2020 crash site in contexts unrelated to the inquiry, such as a bar and many more.

In California, there seems to be a lot of confusion going on. Perhaps this is why fewer people are paying attention to what is currently happening to Vanessa Bryant.

In the infringement lawsuit against Los Angeles County, Kobe Bryant’s widow has been ordered to turn over her therapy records of the days, back to 2017, the complaint alleges that she continued to suffer sentimental distress as a result of first responders wanting to pass around photos from the helicopter deadly crash her husband, daughter, and seven others the year before.

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The judge has ordered Vanessa Bryant to give over mental wellbeing documents in her lawsuit over stolen photographs of her husband, basketball legend Kobe Bryant, and others who died in a tragic incident.

Bryant and her therapist were ordered to submit the documents by Nov. 29 by U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles F. Eick, although the reporting period was limited to Jan. 1, 2017, to the present. Her data from January 2010 had been requested by the county.

Bryant Lawyer’s Claim

The district, on the other hand, successfully argued that the records are required to defend itself against the lawsuit and to show that Bryant did not suffer harm as a result of the widespread distribution of photos taken at the scene of the crash that killed the NBA legend, his 13-year-old daughter, and seven others like last year.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

The request for counseling records was branded as bullying by Bryant’s attorney.

In court papers, Bryant’s lawyer, Mari Saigal, claimed that the effort of the country to obtain the information. “This endeavor should be viewed for what it is: an attempt to harass Mrs.

Bryant into withdrawing her case so that her individual therapy records are not displayed in open court and published on by the media” wrote Mari Saigal, a Bryant attorney.

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The lawyers for Los Angeles County, as expected, disagree with the judgment. “When a plaintiff makes her mental condition a point of contention and demands recompense for significant mental anguish, as Plaintiff has done here, she opens the door to mental wellbeing discovery,” the Miller Barondess firm writes in its petition. “The County’s request for Plaintiff’s therapy records is not an attempt to intimidate her,” says the judge.

Views of The Country on The Tragic Incident.

The incident was tragic hence, the country continues to express its heartfelt condolences for Ms. Bryant’s immense sadness as a result of the terrible helicopter accident. As people over there are supporting her in all ways.

The attorney stated the same in a statement last week. “Our request for access to her medical records, on the other hand, is a routine request in lawsuits in which the plaintiff seeks millions of dollars for emotional distress claims. I owe it to the County to take this step to protect it.”

The legal battle with both Bryant and the county had previously heated up when county lawyers attempted to have Bryant endure a mental test ahead of the February trial.

Lawyers challenged in court filings that she could not have suffered severe emotional anguish as a result of crash images that she and the general public had never seen. The petition was refused by Eick.

Bryant’s widow claims that learning that sheriff’s deputies photographed and shared graphic images of the chopper crash scene caused her and her family considerable emotional pain. And the pain is not restricted to any sort of limitations. For more updates, keep exploring.

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