Mama Announces Ed Sheeran Performance, Special Collabs, and More

Recently CJ ENM had shared a big announcement about the Mnet Asian Music Awards aka MAMA of the year 2021. In a press conference held globally for the MAMA which was on 16th November 2021, this announcement was made. 

And focusing on the current years’ MAMA is going to be done offline with a lot of audience present in-person.

Mnet Park Chan Wook announced that they won’t be able to allow a lot of people to the show, however, it is a huge chance for all the artists and audience to meet once again. Along with that MAMA will help strictly under the government’s Covid guidelines

And as per the announcement made earlier all the criteria for evaluation will also be done differently. As it was done in the earlier shows, fan votes won’t be a part of the process of selecting the musician, Album, or song of the year awards.

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Moreover, other than that all the Worldwide Fans’ Choice of top10 awards and all the Worldwide Icon are going to be determined completely through the votes of the fan.

However, for the evaluation of these awards, votes from last year were based on the data collected from YouTube and Twitter. Even though the award show is held offline some of the criteria of the music are also collected from Apple Music.

Thus this data is going to be evaluated by a 3rd party company, for complete fair competition.

Zane Lowe the creative director of Apple Music recently shared a video that showed “K-pop now is a new hype in this world.

It even mentioned that their new and creative music and their contribution to pop music make them unique in the crowd. He then added that he is really happy to be providing and providing a new chance for all the fans to cast their vote. 

Is There Any Chance of K-pop Performing in the Mama 2021?

The supervisor of the  Music Division Kim Hyun Soo also shared the plans to have a 1-day show in the US. He also shared that they will grow the selection of the countries to host.

MAMA Announces Ed Sheeran Performance, Special Collabs, And More
MAMA Announces Ed Sheeran Performance, Special Collabs, And More

The show has now expanded its reach to a broader platform including all Asian markets and allowed them too late to host the show in the US.

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He also added that while focusing on K-pop, they are also inviting celebrities from the South Korean industry and strengthening relations with the age group ranging from 15 1o 24, showcasing unique content and strengthening the global data which shows  the culture of K-Pop

CP Park also shared that one of the favorite performances of MAMA was BTS’s “Life Goes On” which was performed last year. MAMA 2021 is going to be hosted by Lee Hyori. She will be the first-ever female host in the show.  The CP even shared a few performances that will go to be present at the MAMA 2021.

Ed Sheeran Is Going to Perform at Mama, Is It True?

It is even announced that Ed Sheeran is going to perform in the event. CP also shared that Ed Sheeran had written BTS’s ‘Permission to Dance, as he had some connection with K-pop.

Other than Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Bad Habits,’ it was one of the most-loved songs in Korea this year. And now he is planning for the MAMA style to perform in the show.

Wanna One is also going to reunite to perform in the show. As further shared by CP Park the teams are planning on with complete enthusiasm,  And a lot of pop creative ideas are being used. This show is indeed going to be a great show!

Other than the above-mentioned performance there are a lot of other teams performing as well. The eight crews are going to collaborate with the 4th generation of the group of K-Pop. And all the additional information is going to be out soon.

The MAMA 2021will be streaming live on 11th December at 6 p.m.  Stay tuned with us for all such updates about the upcoming show!

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