Solar Opposites Season 3: Release Date, Cast and Plot

Season 3 of Solar Opposites

The Solar Opposites is just the perfect series for all Sci-Fi lovers. It contains animation, Sci-Fi, and comedy. The series had received a total IMDb rating of 8. This story is based on a family of aliens who goes to middle America in search of a better place or world to stay.

They are discovering new places and were curious to know which planet would be better for their stay. However, there is no such official announcement yet about the main story of season 3 of the Solar Opposites.

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The first two seasons of the solar opposites were a hit and had gained a lot of fan base. However, in season 2 at the end, it was shown that Jesse was guilty and wished to die. And then, the entire family was reborn as trees. To know what happened next we all have to wait for season 3 to be released and I know we can’t keep calm.

Also, this series is one of the most recommended series on the Hulu OTTplatform. Now let’s see what else we know about the Season 3 of Opposite Season.

The Season 3 of Solar Opposites: Releasing Date

As of now, there is no official announcement from the makers about the date when the Season 3 of Solar Opposites is going to be released. However, it is expected to view the 3rd season of Solar Opposites in the year 2022. Just like the other episodes, there are going to be 12 episodes, total in 3rd season as well.

The 1st season of Solar Opposites has a total of 8 episodes, which was premiered in 2020. The 2nd season of Solar Opposites has a total of 8 episodes and was premiered in 2021. Just after that, there was an announcement of the 3rd season in June 2021.

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The announcement was made on Fox Africa on third May 2021. This announcement made sure that the 3rd season of Solar Opposites was going to be released on the OTT Platform.

Also, all the seasons are now available on the OTT platform for you to watch. And if you haven’t watched it yet what are you waiting for? For all the fans we will keep you updated with any more updates about the show once we get any news from the makers.

Solar Opposites Season 3

The Cast of Solar Opposites Season 3:

It is expected to have the same cast in the 3rd season as it was in the first 2 seasons of the Solar Opposites.

  1. Korvo(Justin Roiland)
  2. Terry (Thomas Middleditch) 
  3. Yumyulack(Sean Giambrone)
  4. Jesse(Mary Mack) 
  5.  The Pupa(Sagan McMahan) 
  6. Lindsey Tim(Andy Daly) 
  7. The Duke(Alfred Molina)
  8. Cherie(Christina Hendricks)
  9. Halk(Sterling Brown )
  10. Aisha(Tiffany Haddish)
  11. Principal Cooke(Rob Schrab)
  12. Mrs. Frankie(Kari Wahlgren)

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Trailer of Solar Opposites Season Three

As there is no official announcement by the makers about the time of the season being released the official trailers haven’t been out yet. 

However, it is expected the trailer of season 3 of Solar Opposites to be released soon. Till then keep watching the old seasons and refresh your memories while we will keep you updated about all the updates of the series. 

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