Jumanji 4 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and More

The blockbuster and super hit movies are all set to make a comeback to the big screen. And as we all know The Next Level was up to our expectations and was definitely an adventurous movie.

The film had earned a total amount of $800 globally. This amount was 1 million more than the expected budget of $125to $132 million. With such great success, a sequel for the movie was inevitable. However, the next part in the series depends on how you count it either as Jumanji’s third part or fourth.

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If the original Jumanji is counted then this movie will be counted as Jumanji 4. However, as per Jake Kasdan, the upcoming movie is referred to as Jumanji 3.

However, there’s definitely another movie, and here is what you need to know about the next movie on the list.

Jumanji 4
The Release Date of Jumanji 4

Without much wait, it is assumed that the sequel of Jumanji might be released in December 2021.

However, the sequel is still in its early parts of making as reported in April 2020. To this Kasdan explained that they have just planned on the making of the movie but nothing was started.

He even added that they had just started the discussion before this pandemic and they are planning on re-engaging as everyone is settled. He then added that December 2021 is planned till now but is too early to be released. Also, they are hoping for the best before anything changes.

The Cast of Jumanji 4

As an important part of the success of the movie were its actors. So all the fans would be heartbroken if they are not back as the in-game characters.

The end of the last movie showed that the same characters might not be back, but it will be difficult to have a sequel without these actors.

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As of now, it is shown that Alex Wolff, Morgan Turner, Madison Iseman, and Ser’Darius Blain, will be part of the movie. They, later on, will be joined by grandfather Eddie(Danny DeVito)

Danny Glover is also more likely to be Eddie’s friend Milo once again. However, he stays in the game as a flying horse, Cyclone.  Moreover, Nick Jonas will also be seen and Awkwafina as well.

There is also a chance to watch Bebe Neuwirth once again as Nora Shepherd. As she played a role from the actual movie at the end of the last part so it is more likely to hope she is back.

The Plot of Jumanji 4

The ending of the last movie showed that the Jumanji game came into the real world. This means that it is more likely for  Spencer to get the problem solved. However, it can be concluded that they might have to go back to the game to get the solution.

Moreover, director Jake Kasdan even said to Digital Spy that there are no further updates yet. He even explained about the plot of the sequel that not much beyond what you can see is done as of now. 

He also added that to him talking about the next movie is the most difficult part. As the first was unique in its own way. And having another part in the series is as exciting as the other two were for him.

He even added that he loved the idea of having a sequel. So he thinks there is going to be the third one. And just as the other parts it is as exciting to keep trying to look for what that movie would be like.

The Trailer of Jumanji 4

As everyone is eagerly waiting for the movie,  unfortunately, the filming of the movie has not yet started. If the release for December 2021 was correct then the 1st trailer should have been out by July 2021. As no news is out yet we just have to wait for further updates.

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