Brutal Legend 2- Is it coming? (Latest Update )

Brutal Legend is an action-thriller adventurous video game with real-time strategy game elements developed by Double Fine Production and published by Electronic Arts for XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3. The game was released in North America, Australia, and Europe on 13th October 2009. The creative director of the game Tim Schafer was motivated to create the epic game based on his personal past musical experiences.

The game revolves around the character Eddie Riggs, dubbed by and modeled after a crew, who is moved to a fictional world based on the artwork of heavy metal album covers, his name is Jack Black. Eddie becomes the savior of the world where he leads the abused humans against a group of supernatural emperors using a battle-ax, Flying V guitar, capable to tap into the mystic power of the world. 

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Brutal Legend had won millions of hearts and received many good reviews from game reviewers. The creative director Tim Schafer received much appreciation for his vision and scripting about the heavy metal-based world. The voice cast was also on point and praised.

Following the launch of Brutal Legend in 2009, fans have been rigorously asking for the release of Brutal Legend 2. After getting so many requests for the second part of the game, Schafer has now given his opinion on the game. He has given some ideas on the release of the sequel to Brutal Legend.

Is there any possibility of the release of Brutal Legend 2?

On the tenth anniversary, while talking in an interview with GamesRadar, Schafer said that Brutal Legend is still very much a possibility, even if we shouldn’t expect it anytime soon. He didn’t deny working for the development of Brutal Legend 2.

Although he also admitted that as of now, after working on Psychonauts 2, he is less interested in making renewal anything but at the same time he expresses his opinion that now Brutal Legend 2 becomes more technically possible after all those years passed considering that the studio also loves the story and world of the real game somehow makes renewal of the same inevitable.

Brutal Legend 2
Brutal Legend 2

“Everyone put their heart and soul into that game,” Schafer explained. “It wasn’t like we were putting anything on; I genuinely love heavy metal, and I love all the images in that game that came from me and [Art Director] Lee Petty. I think we pushed ourselves on Brutal Legend and I have so much pride for what we accomplished.”

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According to reports, Schafer continues to play the game every year and he is still very much connected with the game and he is the emotionally connected game because he liked the concept of multiple player section and everyone out there was also very enthusiastic about the game. He expressed his concern on the making of the game, like to conclude whether to go for the development of the game he wants or the one that is being requested by fans, for any game lover this is tough to choose.

In the meantime, the director never denied the concept of making Brutal Legend 2 but at this point, it just seems like he is more interested to begin investing his time and work on other different projects than working on the project that has been requested by millions of fans over many years. He also confessed his wish to play Brutal Legend every Rocktober 13th till the time the whole world identifies how wonderful this game is.

Tim Schafer clarifies that there are not any instant plans to work on Brutal Legend 2

To all those who are still dying to know about the sequel of the game, we don’t want to break your heart but as per reports there may be no sequel for many years and some reports also claim that Double Fine Production has agreed that they are not intending to make any renewal of the Brutal Legend in near time. 

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After so many reports, we don’t think that there will be any release of Brutal Legend 2 anytime soon and even the sequel isn’t confirmed properly. We hope the team accepts the request of millions of fans who have been asking for the sequel for so many years. We will update you as soon as there is any update on the subject, until then stay tuned.

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