Clickbait season 2: Updates So Far

CLICKBAIT is one of the most famous Netflix’s novel mystery drama series. After the success of season 1, fans have been craving for clickbait season 2.

The craze of social media is increasing with each passing day, and so are the crimes. The internet has created a virtual world where one can predict someone else and easily commit grave crimes.

Well, Clickbait is one such drama that has depicted the crimes happening over the internet. 

Clickbait is a mini-series and follows the investigation of crimes happening due to social media. It depicts how deadly and unchecked desires result in a crime in today’s world.

Created by Christian White and Tony Ayres, the  American-Australian first hit Netflix on August 25, 2021. The series stars Zoe Kazan, Betty Gabriel, Phoenix Raei as Roshan Amir, Abraham Lim as Ben Park, Adrian Grenier as Nick Brewe, Motel G Foster as Curtis Hamilton, and Jessie Collin, among another cast.

The crime thriller is directed by Ben Young, Brad Anderson, Emma Freeman, and Laura Besley.

Not a weak has elapsed since the premiere of Clockbate season 2. Fans have already been asking Netflix to renew the series for the second installment. Fans have filed petitions to save the show. 

Let’s find out more about season 2 below.

Release Date Clickbait season 2 

Fans are curious about the Release date off Clickbait season 2 after binging Season 1 on Netflix. To the dismay of the fans, Netflix has said nothing about the renewal of the series for Season 2 so far.

However, the fans started filing the petition for season 2 on Twitter, but the question arises-

Will Netflix give a green signal to Clickbait season 2?

Well, the renewal of any series depends upon the profit generated by the series and the source material. 

Let’s talk about the source material first. Well, the mini-series is the original creation of Ayres & Christian White. So, there is no problem with the source material. The creators will come up with new stories when Netflix renews the series.

Clickbait season 2

Now, What about generating profit? 

Well, the series has just arrived on August 25, 2021. And it is doing well. But, as of now, we can not say anything more. 

If you wish to save the series, share it with families and friends to binge the show to increase its viewership.

As per the inside information from Netflix, We have to wait long for the official announcement of the anthology series ” clickbait season 2 “. In general, the anthology series took a year to shoot, and from that estimation, we can say the series would come somewhere in 2022 or 2023.

If we look at the success rate of the series, then it’s pretty good, and fans are excited about the renewal. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Clickbait season 2.

The Cast

Well, it is quite a task to tell the potential cast of Clickbait season 2 when it has not been renewed yet. Presumably, Phoenix Raei, the show’s life, will reprise his role as Detective Roshan Amiri If.

As it’s a limited series, so we can’t say anything about the other members.

It seems that if season 2 is ever made, the showrunners will feature an entirely new cast.

So, stay tuned till more information arrive.

The Plot

Season one unraveled numerous mysteries which are inspired by real-life crimes that commence online. Well, season 2 will come with investigations of new cybercrimes.

Ayres, the showrunners, also wish for the renewal of the show. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said-

“I really love this format, and if people connect to it, I would love to do it again,”

If you feel connected to the show and want one more season, so fans, you have to support the series by sharing it with friends and family for binging.

The Trailer/Teaser of  Clickbait season 2

The future of the series is still doubtful. So, there will be no trailer for a long time.

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