Dear White People Season 4 Finally Has a Release Date

After a long wait of two years, Dear White People season 4 is finally coming to Netflix this September.

Dear White People is one of the most controversial shows of Netflix since its arrival due to its title. As we can see, the show has covered the delicate topic of racism. However, numerous white people have taken it as racism against white people. Well, the series is not so. We have that don’t judge the book by its cover. Well, most of the critics have done the same with this beautiful series.

 Dear White People is a comedy series that focuses on the problems of the community of black people. The story revolves around the black college students studying in Ivy League institutions facing American racism. 

Justin Simien created it. It is based on his 2014 movie of the same name produced by Justin Simien. Season 1 of the series hit Netflix on April 28, 2017. Though the series revived huge criticism due to its title, it was great series. Despite low ratings, thankfully, Netflix produced two more mind-blowing seasons. The show got improved with each passing season. Season 3 concluded in August 2019, and Netflix, once again, renewed the series for the fourth installment On October 2, 2019. Since then, the fans have been crazily waiting for the next season. Well, Netflix has announced the premiere date for Season 4. But, Unfortunately, the upcoming season will be the last and final season of the series. I know it’s sad, but, like every good thing, this series also has to end someday. 

To know more about Dear White People season 4, Right dive into the article. If you do not wish to miss any updates, read till the end. 

Dear White People Season 4 Release Date

Netflix has officially announced that Volume 4 of the series is arriving on September 22, 2021, via a 48-sec video premiered on August 6, 2021. Check out the official announcement here.

The Cast

While announcing season 4, Netflix confirmed that all the main characters would return for it. So, we will meet Sam as Logan Browning, Troy as Brandon P. Bell, Reggie as Marque Richardson, Coco as Antoinette Robertson, Lionel as DeRon Horton, Gabe asJohn Patrick Amedori, and Joelle as Ashley Blaine Featherson.

The return of Jeremy Tard as Rashid Bakr seems improbable due to contractual issues. Lionsgate, the producer of the show, wanted him to return for season 4. However, he denied the offer and alleged the showrunners for discrimination in pay negotiations.

We will see fresh faces as well. Karamo Brown, the star of I Am Perfectly Designed and, Queer Eye will join the cast, according to Deadline. His role is not unveiled yet. Rome Flynn, the actor of How to Get Away With Murder, will also become a part of season 4. Though his role is not cleared yet, he will be cast opposite to Antoinette Robertson.

The Plot and Trailer/Teaser

There is not much we have on the plate in the name of the storyline yet. The showrunners have put the narrative under the wraps. However, a 48-sec trailer/teaser has depicted the potential storyline for season 4.

The musical trailer depicted the message “The only way to move forward is to throw it back.” 

There is the 90’s theme, and music was going on. The pickup line of the song is “This Is How We Do It.”

All the students are getting ready to dance on Afro-futuristic and 1990s-inspired dance floor. The students are in their final year. And they are celebrating their last year on the campus of the university. Just like the previous season, this season is also supposed to fight against discrimination, abuse, and police brutality, among other things. It is the last installment of the series. So, the showrunners will bring some blasts for all of their fans.

How many episodes will be there in Dear White People season 4?

There will be ten episodes in season 4 as well, just like all the other seasons.

So, fans, do not forget to mark your calendar for September 22, 2021. 

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