Sicario 3 Fan’s Teased by Stefano Sollima With Future Possibilities: Latest developments

Stefano Sollima shared plans for Sicario 3 even before the release of Sicario 2. Since then, we have heard very little. Let’s find out the developments in the project.

Stefano Sollima, director of the movie, revealed that the Sicario was supposed to be a trilogy anthropology crime thriller with some ground cast. Sicario (hitman in English) first premiered in 2015. Taylor Sheridan had written the film and, Denis Villeneuve had directed it. The story follows an FBI agent who began the adventure of capturing the leader of the Mexican Drug Cartel. Sicaro proved to be a blockbuster movie and generated revenue of more than $80 million against the production budget of just $30 million. 

With that big success, Sicario 2 was indispensable.

Sicario 2( Sicario: Day of the Soldado), the second helping of the trilogy movie series, premiered in 2018. This time, the movie was directed by an Italian director, Stefano Sollima. It follows the story of an attempt to increase conflict between the drug cartel at the Us-Mexican border. 

While the second movie was in development, Stefano Sollima teased the fans about the possibility of Sicario 3. 

During an interview with the Independent, Stefano said-

“The idea is to make three anthology movies with some of the core actors and in the same world.

Since then, the fans have been looking for updates about the third movie in the series.

However, there is no news from the showrunners about the development of the series so far. But, studio Black Label Media said they were working on it.

Release Date of Sicario 3. When Will it Premiere?

No official announcement is made regarding the cancellation of Sicario 3 so far. However, if we look into the commercial success of Sicario 2, it seems there is a possibility of canceling the film. Unlike 2015 Sicario, Sicario: Day Of The Soldado’s received mixed responses from the audience. Due to that, the film had not performed well at the box office. Consequently, the production house has slowed down the work. 

So, currently, the series is not canceled, but anything could happen in the future.

Let’s discuss other things by assuming Sicario 3 is coming back soon.

Well, there is no confirmation about the release date of Sicario: Capos. Its been three years, and there is not much development in the project. There was three years gap between the first and second movie of the series. But the third movie is taking longer. We expect that Black label will pace its work on the development of Sicario 3, and it will premiere by the end of 2022.

We will update here once we get more information.

The Cast

Black Label has not unveiled its plan regarding the cast for Sicario: Capos. However, During an interview with Deadline, Smith said Black label has the intention to cast del Toro as the protagonist of Sicario: Capos. Other characters who will be in the upcoming movie might include- Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Donovan. However, their presence is not confirmed.

Given the dropped viewership of Sicario 2, the presence of  Emily Blunt’s Kate is essential for the upcoming film. Well, Black Label is trying to get her. However, his presence seems doubtful in Sicario 3 due to her busy schedule. 

We will update here once we get more information.

The Plot

There is nothing much about the potential plot of Sicario 3. However, there is rumourous that Sicario 3 will began where Sicario: Day Of The Soldado ended. At the last moment, Miguel shot Alejandro. The final scene takes you a year later, where Alejandro has fully recovered. It seems he hired Miguel. In the next movie, we the evolving relationship between them. 

There are chances that the upcoming movie will adopt a new storyline altogether, as Sollima had planned anthology series. So, we have to wait for more details to come out. So stay tuned.

Sicario 3 Trailer. When will it air?

There is no official renewal news of Sicario 3. So, the prediction of the date of arrival of the trailer is difficult to guess as of now. There are few trailers available on youtube claiming it to be the official trailer of Sicario 3. But those are false trailers made by the fans. You can enjoy a fanbase trailer here.

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