Erased Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

If you have always fantasized about time travel, ‘Erased’ is the perfect series for you. Among all the hidden gems, Netflix has specially brought for you 12 episodes long thriller series Erased. The show is composed and represented by Kei Sanbe and highlights a boy who experiences time travel to save some people in his life. This time-traveling tale leaves the spectators speechless. We have brought for you all the details about Erased Season 2.

Erased Season 2 Release Date

The creators of the show have not given any green flag to the renewal of erased season 2. So, there is no release date yet. It has already been five years since season 1 premiered. So, we are not even expecting any good news any time soon. However, seeing its popularity and fan’s demand for season 2, we assume that creators might rethink their decision about erased season 2. If the fans show sufficient love, Netflix and Animation Studio A-1 Pictures might resume the show again.

Erased Season 2 Cast

We can not say anything about the cast of season 2 as it entirely depends on the storyline. But since there have not been any brutal ends to season 1, we expect the entire cast to return for season 2.

Erased Season 2

Our guesses regarding The cast are:

  • Tatsuya fujiwara as Satoru Fujinuma
  • Kasumi arimura as Airi Katagiri
  • Kento Hayashi as Jun Shiratori
  • Yasushi Fuchikami as Sudō
  • Tsutomu Takahashi as Takahashi
  • Rio Suzuki as Kayo Hinazuki
  • Tamae Ando as Akemi Hinazuki

The show with the multicast has more characters, and it will have some new faces in season 3, depending on its storyline.

Erased Season 2 Plot

Erased is based on the life of a youthful 29 years old guy named Satoro Fujinuma who lives in Chiba with his mom. Satoru is an extraordinary guy who has a skill called “Revival” that can transfer him back to future moments allowing him to stop them from occurring.

The show takes a twisted turn when Satoru finds that an unnamed attacker had killed his mother in his own house. His skills transfer him 18 years back to solve the murder mystery. He has to save his mother, and so he is entitled to stop a crime occurrence that brought the lives of three of his youth buddies.

The show has been packed with action and a lot of suspense. 

Although the series did not completely follow manga’s fiction, it still follows the murder secret and fixes the loose edges. In season 2, we might see the tales of Satoru using his time traveling knowledge to stop crimes.

The only doubt is what storyline will erase season 2 follow. There is plenty of stuff that needs to be covered from the eight volumes of the main novel. But, according to us, we feel that erased season 2 will follow the spin-off novel’s plot. If that happens, the chances of new prospects for the story to continue are very high.

Erased Season 2 Trailer

2021 started with an official announcement of Erased Season 2. Until then, there is no update on that. Eight volumes of the novel are out, along with a spin-off which tells us that there is plenty of source for season 2. As soon as the filming begins, we might see the official teaser trailer. There is none yet.


Does Satoru find the killer?

Gaku Yashiro, the main antagonist, is found to be a killer.

Did Satoru die in the end?

Satoru managed to escape but ended up in a coma

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