Demonic: Release date, Expected Cast, Plot, Trailer and Much More

Are you looking for an update on this terrifying sci-fi horror film? If yes, let’s get more into detail. Demonic is a 2021 Canadian supernatural secret horror film which is written and directed by Neil Blomkamp. It is one of the films that have been shown at the 71st Berlin International Film Festival in March 2021. 

Its fan base was awaiting the Demonic official release date, and now the filmmakers have officially announced the date. The official trailer of the Demonic has been released and has given fans goosebumps and many chills.

Fans are inquisitive and excited to watch the movie. Here, you can get more information with us like its release date, expected cast, plot, trailer, and other details. Check down below to know more about the trippy sci-fi movie Demonic.

Demonic Release Date?

As we already know, the release date has officially been announced as 20th of August, 2021, which was previously premiered at the 71st Berlin International Film Festival in March 2021. The filmmakers have given the option for the audience- either to go to theatres to watch the movie or those who don’t want to do that, to watch this horror and secret Demonic then,  this movie will also be available on an OTT platform that is Digital Rental and Video on Demand. 

As we know that many of the films and anime series have not been released because of this global pandemic. But this Demonic’s creators have quietly shot the entire movie during the pandemic. And now it is so close to its release date. So the curious and excited fan base can visit the theatres on the 20th of August 2021 to watch the most awaited movie.


Demonic: What can be the expected cast, will there be new faces?

The creators have revealed the cast list, but what roles they will actually play is not indicated yet, to maintain the suspense. Here is the cast which will be seen in the movie. Let’s have a look at them:   

  • Carly Pope
  • Terry Chen
  • Chris William Martin
  • Nathalie Boltt
  • Michael Rogers
  • Andrea Agur

Although there is very little information about the roles assigned to the film’s characters, the day all the information is revealed, we will update this section to make you updated.

Demonic: What is the plot?

As we know, the creators do not reveal everything before its release, and most of the plot is almost hidden to bring more suspense to the storyline. But the trailer is being surfaced online, from which we can speculate what the entire film is all about.

The trailer reveals that it will follow the story of a young lady who lets a strong force terrifying demons when supernatural forces at the root of decades-old rift between mother and daughter are ruthlessly revealed. We see a young woman who is being transported into a simulation slash alternate reality. The trailer is almost filled with so many creepy scenes and shows a lot of chanting and music. We can get the hints from the trailer only that the entire movie will give you goosebumps and a frightening atmosphere.

From the trailer, we can extract many shots of demons, so many rituals are shown. Many people are lying on the grass that is almost lifeless, a red bible, and a woman sitting in a chair that is moving up and down, which is creating a scary situation. The whole scenario would be revealed with the movie, and we have to bookmark the dates for this terrific story.

Is there any official trailer?

Yes, the creators have finally released the trailer of the movie Demonic, which is going to release very soon. Many fake trailers and movies that are still being surfaced online and on various other platforms have created so many rumors about the movie plot and many more, but now,  it is official, and you can go and watch the trailer of the most awaited movie available on Youtube.

Final words

As the movie is all set to release this  August only. It will be quite frightening and will be loaded with so many scary shots and with many more comedy scenes as well as a terrifying storyline, which will entertain horror movie lovers.

No wonder we are going to love this sci-fi plot. I have already bookmarked the date… What about you? Do comment your opinions about the Demonic trailer and also review the movie in the comment box. We will keep you updated on your favorite shows-So stay connected with us for more such updates and information.

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