Reminiscence: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, And More

Fans of Ultimate superstar Hugh jackman cannot sit still and look pretty as their favorite man is set to break all the records. Warner Bros has officially confirmed the Reminiscence (Yell’s yay). And all the whereabouts are discussed in this article for you to keep calm and enjoy! 

Let’s get reading.

When will the release be? 

The launch date for Reminiscence has been pushed to August 20, 2021; the upcoming film will be released worldwide and will be available for streaming on HBO Max for 31 days on the same date. 

The Reminiscence was about to release way back on April 16. However, due to COVID-19 implications, Warner Bros has to take it forward to August 20.

Reminiscence Trailer

Good news! The trailer is out in the air, and fans are already freaking out. The music in the trailer is an absolute delight to listen to. You can watch it again and again. Probably the best soundtrack in the warner bros movie ever. The Reminiscence trailer indicates much fascinating stuff about the next film. The first trailer of Reminiscence is out already, and we can see Jackman in the role of private intellectual investigator.  The film is set in a futuristic setting where the main plot is about Global warming. Miami coast can be seen mainly underwater due to harsh climatic conditions. 

The cast of Reminiscence

You will love to see the recurring characters back because that’s what makes Reminiscence- Reminiscence! 

Hugh Jackman plays Nick Bannister, a private detective who uses cutting-edge devices to better his clients recover lost reminiscences. Further, we can also see actress Rebecca Ferguson as Mae, a mysterious client who mysteriously vanishes. Bannister then sets out to solve the mystery of Mae’s disappearance, which leads him into a vast and violent conspiracy. In addition to Jackman and Ferguson, Thandiwe Newton, Cliff Curtis, Marina de Tavira, Brett Cullen, and Angela Sarafyan star in Reminiscence. 


A lot of the storyline can be guessed throughout the trailer itself. The narrative of “Reminiscence” is set in a probable near-future when rising sea levels are causing conflict. An Idea of global warming can be seen. Nick’s profession of assisting individuals in re-encountering their thoughts is well-known among those who believe in brighter days ahead and have modest anxieties about the future.

Nick Bannister, a private psychological detective, Investigates the mysterious and attractive world of the past to help his customers access memories that have been lost. 

His life is to take a brand new toll when he encounters a new client, Mae, who lives on the outskirts of the sunken Miami coast. Nick and Mae meet late one evening when she inquires about his career and wants to revisit one of her memories. They both then go on a long-distance love affair that ends when Mae Suddenly disappears. A simple case of lost and found as usual for Nick gradually turns into a dangerously exciting mission. 

The natural showman really took an aggressive turn for the sequel. Bannister is on the mission to solve the quest of Mae’s disappearance. While on it, he discovers thrilling secrets regarding her disappearance. The whole story is based upon a single question, ‘How far would you go to keep your loved ones beside you?’  ‘Nothing is more addictive than the past,’ It will be an intriguing experience to see whether this film turns out to be addictive or not.

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