Moana 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Trailer

If you are a Moana series fan, then there’s some good news for you. Moana, an American Disney Animation, was a super hit animation movie that hit the theatres in 2016. The film grossed over $600 million all over the world and gained immense popularity and fans. The series is coordinated by Ron Clements and John Muster and coordinated by Don Hall and Chris Williams. After the massive success of part 1 of Moana, here is some good news where fans will finally get the Disney Moana 2 series very soon. The American animated series is renewed for part 2, and maybe very soon, we will get Moana 2 on our screens. Let’s read further what updates are available with us about the release date, plot, cast, and trailer of the Moana series.

Moana 2 Release Date

The little information we have on the renewed series Moana 2 is that the sequel of the long-awaited Disney film might hit the theatres very soon. This comes as great news, especially for the Moana fans who have been waiting for the sequel since the release of the first plot in 2016. Moana part 1 hit the theatres on November 23, 2016, in the United States. The current rumors have led to speculation that Moana’s two adventures comeback is coming. However, for now, Disney has left some blanks in 2021-22, which brings a premise that Disney will deliver Moana 2  to us in November 2021 or 2022.

Moana 2

A quick recap of Moana Part 1:

A confident and courageous teenager sets out on a daring mission to save her people. During her journey, Moana, the lead character of the series, meets Maui, a one-time powerful deity who guides her to become a master pathfinder. After that, they together go on an action-packed journey across the open sea, where they face giant monsters and some impossible obstacles. In addition to this, along the way, Moana also completes the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers one thing which she always wanted: her own identity.


In the upcoming renewed Moana 2 series, we are going to see many of our favorite characters. The cast of Disney’s upcoming movie will include some great artists like Aulliivi Kravalho as Molly, Dwayne Johnson as Maui, Temura Morrison as Tuira, Jemaine Clement as Tamata, Alan Tudyk as Hein, Rachel House as Pools Nicole Scherzinger as Sina, Oscar Kightley as a fisherman, Temuera Marrison as Tui. Along with these casts, there will be several others as well.


Moana part 1 (2016) includes Moana as the main character as she returns to her hometown after being known as the Wayfinder as an epic. Moana 2 may begin with the summit of Moana (2016), which might also include the arrival of Maui (Dwayne Johnson) to be legendary. In the initial film launched by Walt Disney Pictures, we saw the lead characters go back to their hometowns after countless adventures. This is the reason why the fans are demanding the sequel where they find the same way. In Moana 2, we will see the progress getting delayed. In addition to this, part 2 will begin with a climax of Moana (part 1) and feature the return of (Dwayne Johnson) Demigod Maui. But as the end of the first movie showed Moana’s triumphant return following an epic adventure, it is speculated that the second movie Moana 2, will start soon.


There is no announcement or any release of the official trailer for the movie by Disney until now. But we can expect a trailer release of Moana 2 very soon. But there is an unofficial trailer for Moana 2 on the internet, which you can see to get some ideas about the upcoming part and its plot.

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