Windows 10 update brings back everyone’s least favorite pop-up alert

Microsoft has brought a new update which has led to the comeback of annoying pop-up warnings.  Following Microsoft Edge 91, Now pop-up messages have started appearing on Windows 10, which shows up through the built-in notification center of Windows 10. The badger quickly discloses to users the privileges of working through “Microsoft Bing” as the default search tool. Since everyone can now guess, this pop-up display appears only when the user has not set Microsoft Edge as the default browser. Or when anyone shifted away from Bing to another search tool manually.

Some users have recently reported online that they have seen Bing’s prompt come out of the blue. And the same is frequently occurring over the weekend. Microsoft is evidently striving for two distinct Bing commercials. One commercial is about encouraging the Newsline of the Bing webpage and safe results property. The other ad specifies that users can reserve their earnings online, conceding that they shift to Bing in some of the designated countries where the Microsoft Perquisite attribute is available.

Three benefits have been specifying by promoting these:

  • Bing will provide quick and safe search results
  • Users will be able to see the recent trending news on their homepage
  • Explore which saves your money and time

Few users might probably be puzzled by the information and may also believe their PC has only had an update applied. Despite that, it seems like this annoying prompt is related to the browser-recommended settings alert of Microsoft Edge. Once allocated following Edge version 91. The users have two options: to cancel the notification. And the other option is to pop on the “Change settings” option to mutate the default search engine/browser to Microsoft Edge with Bing.

These pop-ups will display even if anyone doesn’t use Microsoft Edge. And it also seems like they can’t cancel them perpetually if one strikes on the “Maybe later” option on the notification bar.

As per the announcement, the principle is that one may observe this pop-up repeatedly in the coming times if one clicks on the “Maybe later” option.

For those annoyed by these pop-ups, the great news is that it is expedient to deactivate these notifications, so one certainly doesn’t see them further. To deactivate the commercial, initiate Microsoft Edge (stable) and direct to the Edge://flags menu. Disable the probationary flag “Show feature and workflow recommendations”  in the flags menu.

Along with alerts in Windows 10, a new full-screen prompt was also achieved by Microsoft Edge, which suggests users reinstate the ‘recommended’ search engine and put Bing as the default browser.

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