On My Block Season 4 Release Date, Cast and Plot

Netflix Series “On My Block” is a Fictional American Comedy Drama Series created by Eddie Gonzalez, Lauren Iungerich, and Jeremy Haft and directed by Dee. The first season of the series was released on 16th March 2018 on Netflix.  Later, the renewal for a second season was announced on 13th April 2018, even before a month of release of the first season, as the response was overwhelming. The second season premiered on 29th March 2019. The series was confirmed for renewal for a third season on the 29th of April 2019 and released on the 11th of March 2020.  The initial two seasons consisted of ten episodes each, and the third one consisted of eight episodes. After receiving many positive reviews from the viewers and critics, the series was confirmed to be renewed for the fourth but sadly last season on 29th January 2021. So, Here’s Everything We Know So Far, right from the release date, cast, and many more about the On My Block Season 4 and last season of the comedy series “On My Block.”

On My Block Season 4, When is it expected to be released? Check Out

Netflix announced the renewal of the series for the last and fourth season on 29th January 2021. The series is currently under production, and as per the release pattern of previous seasons, we can see that Netflix takes a year gap for the release of another season. Still, the last season’s renewal announcement took time, and most probably this is because of the global pandemic. Else, who knows if they had already released the fourth season. Anyways, we may expect the release of the last and fourth season of the series by the first quarter of 2022, and it may be delayed due to the current situation. The fourth season will consist of ten thrilling episodes.

On My Block Season 4 Cast 

As Netflix confirmed, all the principal and core members will be coming back together for the fourth and final episode of the series.  Let’s check out the names of the cast mentioned below:

On My Block Season 4
  • Sierra Capri in the role of “Monse Finnie.”
  • Jason Genao in the role of Ruben “Ruby” Martinez Jr
  • Brett Gray, in the role of “Jamal Turner,” is African-American
  • Diego Tinoco in the role of “Cesar Diaz.”
  • Jessica Marie Garcia in the role of “Jasmine Flores.” 
  • Julio Macias in the role of Oscar “Spooky” Diaz 
  • Peggy Blow in the role of Marisol Martinez “Abuelita”

There is also the possibility of seeing the characters below as well.

  • Paula Garces in the role of “Geny Martinez”
  • Eric Neil Gutierrez in the role of “Ruben Martinez.”
  • Reggie Austin in the role of “Monty Finnie.”
  • Eme Ikwuakor in the role of “Dwayne Turner.”
  • Raushanah Simmons in the role of “Mrs. Turner.”
  • Angela Gibbs in the role of “Rose Westbrook.”
  • Ada Luz Pla in the role of “Cuchillos”
  • Gilberto Ortiz in the role of Cute 
  • Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson in the role of Kendra 
  • Ian Casselberry in the role of Ray 
  • On My Block Season 4| Plot| What’s the next chapter?

Before leaping the synopsis of the fourth season, let us take a quick recap of the ending of the third season.

The third season of the series ended with a drastic time lapse of two years which was game-changing. Monse went away to school on the east coast, leaving Freeridge behind.  The time-lapse reveals that Jasmine and Ruby are happy together and so much in love with each other, and they are no longer in friendship with Jamal. On the other hand, Jamal joins a Football team, whereas Spooky left the gang life and with a baby on the way.  It also seemed like Monse had forgotten about the life she spent in Freeridge. Cesar became a member of the Santos gang, which was the biggest shock of all. Along with that, he got a Santos Tattoo on his back and also shaved his head. 

The fourth season is going to be more thrilling and amazing, of course. It will explore the group of friends who used to be close and find out why they were falling apart. Lauren Iungerich’s creator also disclosed that the friends might get to such a scenario where they may think of killing someone though they move out from the situation. This definitely leaves an adverse effect on them emotionally.

On My Block Season 4 Trailer

Netflix has not announced a trailer till now since the last season is still filming, and we may not see any trailer of the fourth season before 2022. Until then, keep watching previous seasons.


It’s crystal clear that the fourth and last season will be fascinating, and it’s just worth waiting for. We will keep you updated with the latest news. Stay tuned.

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