Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & So on

The producers made Tokyo Ravens into a manga series in the year 2010. In late 2013, the show aired as an anime. In 2014, it ended very quickly. This Japanese light novel by Kohei Azano highlights a magical process that is wrongly done. Are there any updates about Tokyo Ravens season 2? Let us find out.

Ravens Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the show got great hype. Lots of fans around the world are expecting another season. However, there has not been any announcement of Tokyo ravens season 2 by its makers.  

About the show

The show is all about the outcomes of the great imaginary tragedy of Onmyodou magic. It is exposed that the Japanese utilized this ancient magic for winning the Second World War. Yakou Tsuchimikado was the one who wanted to apply all the magical power by performing the custom of Taizan Fukun. He was looking to guarantee Japan’s victory in the battle. But, tragedy came in between while something went terribly wrong in the custom. Consequently, the whole nation yet pays the price of Yakou’s act. 

In contemporary Japan, the Onmyo Agency is liable for managing all the weird or uncanny Onmyodou events. People at the agency cautiously pull out and utilize its power in the areas of technology and medicine. But, not every individual can master it fully.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Harutora, the show’s main character, is from one of the families associated with Tsuchimikado. But, he doesn’t have any spiritual power. He is just a normal human being. But when he finds out that the agency is setting up to repeat the same notorious custom, he plans to stop them by hook or by crook. Moreover, he gets the much-required assistance from Natsume, his childhood buddy. The latter is a reincarnated figure of Yakou Tsuchimikado. It indicates that she is the real successor of Tsuchimikado.

Recap of the Last Episode

The last episode started with Kagami almost taking the life of Harutora by lethally slashing his eyes. Kon, who was already hurt, unleashes all her powers on Kagami to beat him. Thus, she gets her complete potential in the clash. Kakugyouki also joins her in the fight. Both of them defeated Shaver and Kagami. In addition, they saved Harutora’s life. 

After some time, Suzu calls the team to let them know that the custom worked. The episode concludes with Natsume and Harutora expressing what they feel for each other. Finally, she kisses him and heads off to a new course.

The Anticipated Plot of Season 2

The anime version of Tokyo Ravens has not shattered all of its sources. The enduring volumes of the light novel series imply that there will be a chance for the second season to come up soon. The ending of the last episode affirmed the reunion of Harutora and Natsume in Tokyo Ravens season 2. The two of them would begin a new romantic journey. Also, we can’t overlook the agency. We would witness the completely grown version of Kon, Hishamaru, along with the second loyal subject of Harutora, Kakugyouki. We could undoubtedly anticipate seeing a few novel adventures in Tokyo Ravens season 2.

The Cast of Tokyo Ravens Season 2

  1. Harutora: Kaito Ishikawa
  2. Touji: Ryohei Kimura
  3. Natsume: Kana Hanazawa
  4. Kyouko: Eri Kitamura
  5. Suzuka: Ayane Sakura
  6. Tenma: Hiro Shimono

Despite giving an action-packed and emotional season 1, the creators cannot renew the show for a second season. The creators have refused to discuss this. In addition, we can’t overlook that the show didn’t do well among the viewers. The season 1 ratings were relatively low. But, it has been transferred to Netflix.

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