Eden Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot – What We Know So Far

Eden, Netflix’s first original et animation, has earned a positive acknowledgment from its audience worldwide. Season 1 of Eden was aired on 27th May 2021 on Netflix. Now the question has arrived, is Eden Season 2 coming or not? To know the inside details, read the below-mentioned statements to understand more about the cast, plot, etc.

The show portrays a dystopian future where there is no humanity and machines rule the world. Living on the border of the futuristic planet is Sara Grade, raised by two maintenance droids, A37 and E92, who came across her as a young girl inside some dormant house. Unfortunately, however, the series has only four episodes of 30 minutes. Read more to know the Eden Season 2 release date!

Eden Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has not officially announced Eden Season 2 release date. It is mainly because it has not been quite some time since the release of its first season. Therefore, the markers and the platform are more likely to observe the audience’s reaction, and it might be why the release date is not announced yet. Majorly, the series maker, Justin Leach, took it to his Twitter handle to respond to a fan’s request for Eden Season 2 and replied saying, “I’d love to! But, it’s in the fans’ hands now.”

What do you interpret by this statement? Many of the tv series shows are highly dependent on the audiences’ response. It sounds as if there is hope left for the viewers to enjoy the season once again. However, even if the makers decide to create season 2, it will take a lot of time. It is not going to be released before the year 2022.

Eden Season 2


There are no more details about the show, so it is quite hard to say who is added in the Eden Season 2. However, considering the platform’s effort will most likely add well-known actors and actresses, the least fans can guess. However, there were not many episodes in the first season, so the series is most likely to be introduced with the primary group of the first season. Fans can highly expect Ruby Rose Turner as Sara, who plays the role of a young woman. The second big name can be Neil Patrick Harris, who played a villainous robot named Zero.

Plot – What We Know So Far

In an interview shared by ClickTheCity with the Philippine Press, the makers and directors of the series gave some indication of the series. Justin Leach said, “The world is designed so that we would be able to tell more stories. So, for example, there is an Eden 2 that we never talked about, but there’s actually a story, and there is an event that’s happened there, so if the fans want more, then we have more stories to tell.”

The article represents that the makers have formed the idea, taking an ample amount of time to consider different directions the Eden world can mold into. He also expressed that he would be highly focused on Sara and the other robots to make more episodes. However, fans may not know clearly where season 2 will lead Sara in the universe of Eden. However, they expect if the show happens, it will hopefully entice the maximum number of audiences on the popular platform Netflix.

Eden Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of the series generally arrives before the month of its airing date. However, it is not announced yet, so it is hard to tell when the trailer is arriving. There is no precise information released, so let’s wait for more updates.


Eden Season 2 is one of the most interesting seasons to watch. It has a unique piece of contempt that entertains the audience in just two hours. If you love watching series related to different universes, robots, it is highly recommended to you. Tune in for more details or updates regarding the series.

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