Destiny 3 probably be Launch After 2026

Bungie has many plans for Destiny 2 however, is there any chance of launching Destiny 3? Do fans only have to wait?

Destiny 2 is going to be a big success according to Bungie. They have claimed,  departing the content and players in Destiny by making its sequel in an entirely new form was a bad idea, so they want to improve and introduce the new seasons of Destiny 2 till 2022, so there are no plans for Destiny 3 yet but will be in future.

Updates about Destiny 2

Bungie wants Destiny 2 as a platform and focuses on its new releasing seasons. Destiny 2 was launched in 2017, with time it grew up to many expansions, consisting of two major expansions Shadow keep, Forsaken, and Beyond Light. Bungie’s has announced that they are launching two more expansions, The Witch Queen in 2021 and Light fall in 2022.

Bungie reveals the creation of “Destiny Content Vault (DCV)” which assists to make lower size and manageable games. Moreover, DCV stores content which can’t be lost completely, so the company manages to save some content each year that can be added into other expansions. They build this idea with the motivation of their previous mistakes, but now due to DCV, the mistakes won’t be repeated.

Destiny 2 with its expansions, transformed into an MMO in marketing, content, and monetization. Its fans love to play Destiny 2, an increasing number of seasons also increasing their cheerfulness but they are still waiting for Destiny 3 with bated breath.

The one thing fans should keep in mind is that there will be no Destiny 3 until the updates of Destiny2 will stop. It’s true that Bungie after announcing the news of Witch Queen and Light Fall, is working on the quality and defects of the game so they are not even pensive about Destiny 3. That’s why there are no chances of Destiny 3 until 2024.

How will Destiny 3 look?

Destiny 3 will appear to be unique from its predecessors because of its new version and inspiration from the previous ones.  Concerning its gameplay and systems, it will significantly support huge changes.

And now after being motivated by previous mistakes, obviously Bungie will not leave all the characters of Destiny 2 as he did in the past by erasing all the prior information and characters. Which was not likely accepted by the fans.

Destiny 3 will contain some areas of Destiny 2 due to DCV but it will not be similar to Destiny 2 rather it will be a new and thought-provoking game that will blow your minds.

It is assumed that Destiny 3 will be more hardcore-y than Forsaken and they will push the RPG side of the game. Destiny 2 vanilla was the idea from the beginning and even the reboot didn’t change it. If Destiny 3 will have the idea then a lot of Guardians who play two hours per week will abandon the game because they will be going balls out with the RPG stuff.

It just assumed that could happen but for now, we don’t even know if there will be any existence of Destiny 3 or not.

Chances of Destiny 3

In an interview, Bungie design director Jacob Benton explained the roadmap of Bungie’s plans for Destiny 2 and Destiny 3. According to him, Bungie is working on the White Queen to be launched, after that they will work on the Lightfall as the next expansion of the game. Moreover, Benton reveals that after the Light Fall, Bungie is planning to release a new chapter for Destiny 2 and they don’t want to make Destiny 3 at all but maybe they will, when the time comes.

The fact is in 2025, Bungie will launch its new IP according to his announcement. Whether it will be launched by a different Bungie team but launching the great project of Destiny 3 in the same year can’t be settled.

Destiny 3
Destiny 3

So according to Benton, Destiny 3 will not be launched until 2026, or even after it there should be some initiatives to say anything about it. Bungie has a whole story for Destiny 2 and a conclusion also. The completeness of its expansions and then conclusion almost ends until 2024. After that, they have another game that will be launched.

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Bungie has no plans for Destiny 3, after the completion of Destiny 2, Bungie will launch a new IP game. And if it is a service-based game, then it will need years for its work, and Bungie will only focus on that game. This is the reality, Destiny 3 will not be going to launch until 2026, so the followers should have to wait until that.

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