Everything You Need To Know about Zero Chill Season 2

Here, you will find out Zero Chill season 2 renewal status, updates, and releasing date.

Zero Chill is a British teen comedy-drama on Netflix and was out on  March 15, 2021. It is a sports drama comprised of remarkable and worth watching 10 episodes each 30 min long created by John Regier and Kirstie Falkous. I truly believe that it will not fritter away your time but make it an enjoyable movement. Maybe that’s the reason its fans are waiting for Zero Chill season 2.

Zero Chill Season 1 Cast and Characters

Zero Chill is directed by Angelo Abela and Tessa Hoffe, 5 episodes each. The executive producers of the series are Deborah Coombes, Tim Kate Compton, Dominic Claire Poyser, and Angelo Abela. Lime Pictures is the production house of Zero Chill and is popular for its Disney’s The Evermoor Chronicles and Netflix’s Free Reign projects. 

The main stars of the series are Grace Beedie as Kayla MacBentley, Dakota Taylor as Mac MacBentley,Anastázie Chocholatá as Ava Hammarstorm, Jeremias Amoore as Bear Stelzer, Jade Ma as Sky Tyler, and Leonardo Fontes as Sam Stelzer. This drama was filmed in an iceSheffield Skating Arena in the city of Sheffield, England which refers to a fictional Hammarstrom Ice Hockey Academy.

Story of Zero Chill Season 1

The story wriggles between the dreams of 15-year-old artistic girl Kayla MacBentley and her twin brother Mac MacBentley.This story is full of family drama, emotions, comedy, and a desire to fulfill dreams.

Kayla was a talented young girl, who had an aim to become a champion figure skater. In Canada, Kayla practiced with her skating partner Jacob and assumed to be with him in the championship but her family moved from Canada to the UK, because of her brother’s Ice Hockey career, leaving her career at risk. She never involved Mac in her parent’s misdeed, he is the same lovely twin brother for her. 

She desperately wanted to fulfill her dreams and made every effort to do this. She faced many hurdles and struggles but in the end, she became a champion. Her family also realized what they did and started supporting her.

Reviews about Zero Chill Season 1

Zero Chill season 1, owned many fan following and ranked among the Top 10 best offerings of Netflix, and gained so much popularity. As we all know why right?


The 2018 winter Olympics has reminded the audiences of the U.S, why ice skating was so popular in the ’90s and their interest level was increasing towards ice skating. After this release, they became fans of this season, especially teens. 

This is a family drama and preferable to watch it with your kids. However, from an adult point of view, this season did not get many fans following as compared to teens. But in my opinion, it is remarkable and worth watching, probably you will love ice skating, family drama and much more.

Renewal status of Zero Chill season 2

Until now, no news about season 2 is out by Netflix, so nothing confirmed yet. But through some facts or revealing secrets, we can estimate the release of Season 2.

  • As we know, Zero Chill season 1 has an open-ended story, so there are a lot of possibilities for season 2 .
  • Instead of all other productions and distributors, Netflix takes less time to outbreak the news of a sequel. They usually inform between 28- 30 days about the sequel but due to pandemics, we can’t say anything about it. It’s a hard time for the production houses for theatrical work.
  • The production of the sequel depends on the popularity of the Zero Chill season 1, and whether the public needs a sequel or not. They have to manage how many seasons they require to complete the story and which cast members should be added to the sequel.

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The fact is that “Free Reign” a teenage drama, created by the same production house as Zero Chill, took more than six months to announce its sequel. Thus, any news about the release of Zero Chill season 2 can be estimated at the end of 2021 and probably be released in 2022. So, the followers should have to wait until any update arrives.

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