Pikmin 4 Release date, Trailer, Team and Worth

If you are a game lover, then you must be eager to know that when Pikmin 4 will be released. We are here to walk you through the complete details of the Pikmin 4 Release date and others. We know very well that there are huge game lovers of the Pikmin series, and being a fan favorite, the series creator was quoted sometimes ago that Pikmin 4 development is close to completion.

Pikmin 4 Release date

At this point, we don’t have a confirmed report that when Nintendo will come up with Pikmin 4 and make it available to install. Basically, if we talk about in publisher’s point of view, then the next series that comes back is always depending on the previous one’s popularity and sales graph. Since 2017 there is no further update for Pikmin 4. So let’s see at what date we got good news about Pikmin 4 release date.

Is Pikmin 4 Trailer out?

We must have to say…NO…!!! Till the date Pikmin 4 trailer is not released by the creators and publishers, so till the new version comes, let’s enjoy the Pikmin series previous versions.

Quick View on Pikmin Team 

Developer Nintendo EAD Eighting (Deluxe)
Publisher Nintendo
Director Shigefumi, Hino, Yuji Kando
Producer Hiroyuki Kimura
Designer Atsushi Miyagi, Takafumi Kiuchi, Takuro Shimizu
Artist Keisuke Nishimori
Writer Kunio Watanabe, Makoto Wada
Composer Asuka Hayazaki, Atsuko Asahi, Hajime Wakai
Series Pikmin
Platform Wii U Nintendo Switch
Release Wii U
JP: July 13, 2013
EU: July 26, 2013
AU: July 27, 2013
NA: August 4, 2013
Nintendo Switch
WW: October 30, 2020
Genre Real-time strategy, puzzle
Mode Single-player, multiplayer

Pikmin Release Timeline –

  • Pikmin – 2001
  • Pikmin 2 – 2004
  • Pikmin 3 – 2013
  • Hey! Pikmin – 2017
  • Pikmin 4 – Most Awaited

How Much is Pikmin Worth

Title Price(Approx)
Pikmin (Nintendo GameCube) $49.00
Pikmin (Nintendo, 2001) GameCube DISK ONLY TESTED $39.95
Pikmin (Gamecube, 2001) – Disc Only $35.01
Pikmin (Nintendo GameCube, 2001) disc only! No manual! No case! good condition! $30.00
Pikmin 3 Deluxe – Nintendo Switch $66.79

How Long Does It Take To compete Pikmin 4?

We don’t know exactly at what time you can complete it. We hope the version would be more interesting for game lovers and longer than the previous one. Also, there would be a demo that allows gamers to experience the game.

So, guys, this is all about Pikmin 4, we know. As soon as any update comes out for Pikmin 4 Release Date, installation date, we will update this page accordingly, so don’t be nervous and keep connected with us.

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