Genshin Impact Anemo Hypostasis: Know How to Find and Beat Him

Genshin Impact’s creators are always trying to take their game up a notch and keep its players engulfed in never-ending tasks and battles. One such boss they have introduced is the Genshin Impact Anemo Hypostasis, one of the three Hypostasis bosses in the game. This boss is always thirsty for a battle, and all you will ever have to do is approach him in his secret hideout to get a spectacular fight. It looks like a large blue coloured cube with a glowing core. The core is covered by a shell and cannot be damaged until the shell remains intact.

Where to Find Genshin Impact Anemo Hypostasis?

Anemo Hypostasis is one of the easier bosses to find in Genshin Impact, so it shouldn’t take you very long. Instead of being in the Liyue area like you normally are, travel to Mondstadt and go to its far northern part, specifically Stormbearer Mountains. As you ascend these mountains and go much higher, you will reach a horrid-looking mysterious arena where you will come face to face with this vicious boss.

Beware! Anemo Hypostasis has been waiting for players like yourself to come and pick a fight with him. So as soon as you approach him, he will begin the fight.

How to defeat Genshin Impact Anemo Hypostasis?

The fight against this boss is going to be a long one, without a doubt. However, you can have a chance of defeating him if you already know all his moves and are alert at all times.

Characters to opt for

When going in a battle, it is best to take those characters best suited for fighting against that boss. For Anemo Hypostasis, we would advise you to choose the following characters and refrain from taking anemo characters since they won’t provide much damage.

Fischl- Fischl is a ranged character whose electro abilities are undeniably excellent. She is one of your best options for this battle and will play an important role in your victory. With her help, you can attack Hypostasis from a safe distance.

Amber- Amber is another ranged character whose attack mainly involves fire. Her fire attacks, along with Fischl’s electro attacks, will make a deadly combination resulting in you being the winner of this battle.

Diluc- Diluc is a great option as it can perform four consecutive strikes. He can also combine his powers with Fischl and give your opponent high amounts of overload damage. Moreover, if you have him and another fire character, you can increase the damage by 25%. His plunging attack is also great for making him an amazing choice for this battle.

Mona- Mona is one mighty mage who has killer attacks. Her AOE Hydro special will be deadly for Anemo Hypostasis, especially when combined with other characters’ abilities.

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Anemo Hypostasis’s attacks and abilities and how to fight against them

He comes with a wide variety of attacks to use against players. All of these attacks have been mentioned below:

Crystalfly- This is this boss’s first attack where it turns itself into a Crystalfly and flies. Moreover, it starts throwing anemo gusts below itself, and if you are by any chance under it, you will get hit hard. In fact, if one of the blasts hit you, the second one is also bound to hit you, so dodge them and be alert at all times. However, there is one good news with this attack. After a while, its core will fall to the ground without having anything surrounding it, giving you a perfect chance to damage it as much as possible.

Clap-  Through this attack, the Anemo Hypostasis will expose its core for some time by pulling back its armor. Then, suddenly it will slam its armor together, crushing and damaging the player severely if you are close. He will continue to do this for a while. So, either be very fast, attack the core and move back or use one of your ranged characters to damage this vicious cube from a safe distance.

Vacuum- If you found the previous two attacks bad, wait until this boss tries out this one. He will come rushing towards you and then shoot its armor in a gigantic circle. This would be the moment you get to make a big decision. It would be your call to either stand there and pick up a fight or get as far away as possible before this mighty boss starts sucking you in towards his core via a powerful circular wind. If you choose to stand there and attack, we would advise you to be careful and vigilant at all times because there will come a time when it will attack anyone close to it with an Anemo attack. We would suggest that you stay there, make a few attacks and escape or stand at a distance, and use one of your ranged characters to shoot. Once the vacuum attack ends, you will have a minute or two to attack its core without any fear.

Tornado- Once this attack starts, Hypostasis will become completely immune to all your attacks until his own attack is over. All you will have to do at that time is put all your attention on escaping his attack and keeping yourself safe. Remember that these tornadoes can cause you a lot of damage, so it’s best to stay away from their path. In fact, tornadoes are pretty slow, so staying away shouldn’t be that hard. Eventually, there will come a time when the core will drop out of the sky and gusts of wind will appear all around the arena. You will then have a choice to either attack the core as much as you can or float through these gusts in an attempt to collect all or even most of the Anemo orbs that are close so that the boss cant use them in its next attack.

Shockwave- Remember how we asked you to get all the orbs floating because Anemo Hypostasis would use them in the next attack. Well, this is it! The boss will send shockwaves shooting out of the remaining floating orbs, any orb that you had failed to get. When he does this, you will find him in the centre of the arena and completely invincible, meaning if you even sent an attack his way during this attack, he will be immune to it. You can jump over these shockwaves to save yourself or choose to ride the gusts of wind to avoid them completely.

Second Wind- This is the final attack that will come into action at 5% HP. Anemo Hypostasis will bring an end to whatever it is doing, go in the centre of the arena and become immune. Along with this, he will also call upon gusts of wind and some Anemo Orbs, which will float up in the air. At this very moment, you will have to pick up your speed, ride the waves and take as many orbs as you can because, for every orb that you missed out on, the boss will heal for around 10-15. Unfortunately, if you left many orbs, it will restore his health, and he will return to his usual cycle of attacks.

However, if you collect all the orbs, the boss will go down for good, and you will have won.

Luckily, you can fight with Anemo Hypostasis as many times as you want as long you have the Original Resin. This is because he will respawn immediately after a few minutes, ready for another battle giving you an incredible chance to win rewards.

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Although it will be a long and difficult fight, you will be well rewarded. Along with powering up your traveller character, you will also get Character Ascension materials and Artifacts such as Berserker, Instructor, Gladiator’s Finale and Wanderer’s Troupeon.  In addition to this, you will also get Adventure Rank XP. Overall, the rewards are excellent and worth the trouble.

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