Kimi Raikkonen Hilariously Trolls Journalists Over His Motivation to Stay in F1

Kimi Raikkonen Hilariously Trolls Journalists Over His Motivation to Stay in F1

F1 has been steadily transitioning into the new era, with old drivers bowing out and new young guns rushing to fill the voids. However, one driver has been reluctant to see off his rather long F1 career – Kimi Raikkonen.

When Kimi switched to Alfa Romeo from Ferrari, early assumptions were that the Finn would retire from F1 while driving for the same team he started his career with back in 2001.

But that wasn’t the case. His two-year contract concluded with the 2020 season. And just when everyone was expecting retirement news from Kimi, he signed yet another one-year deal with the Italian team. However, he hasn’t been short of pace during race weekends.

Kimi Raikkonen of Finland and Ferrari looks on in the garage during final practice for the Formula One Grand Prix of Italy at Autodromo di Monza in Monza, Italy. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Despite hitting 40, Kimi still drives around pretty fast, keeping up with his rival teams, and most importantly, bringing the car home in one piece.

However, quite a lot have criticized the one-time world champion, stating that he lacks the desired motivation to race in Formula 1. And hence, they demanded him to quit the sport.

How do you think the Finn would have reacted to such allegations?

Well, Kimi has had some heated moments during interviews when people questioned his motivation.

Moreover, in a recent interview, he clarified that he doesn’t care about such claims, and reckoned that he is enjoying his stay in F1.

Hilarious response by Kimi Raikkonen to Buxton’s opinion

It looks like the media has finally gotten a hang around Kimi’s motivation to race in Formula 1. F1 reporter, Will Buxton, revealed that he had a “fun chat” with the Alfa Romeo driver.

While speaking to Kimi, Buxton apparently cleared that he wouldn’t go anywhere near motivation considering Kimi’s hatred towards such questions. And the Finn had a hilarious response to the Briton’s opinion.

Said I wouldn’t ask him about motivation because he hates the question. And besides, he probably wouldn’t keep coming back if he wasn’t motivated,” Buxton wrote on social media.

Kimi responded, “You guys have finally figured it out! Took you long enough.”

At the moment, the Iceman doesn’t seem to be melting away in terms of performance. Moreover, he is looking hungrier than ever to race amongst much younger colleagues.

Hence, it wouldn’t be much of a shock if Kimi decides to stick around beyond the 2021 season, with Alfa Romeo open to extending the one-time world champion’s stay. But the question is, will he?

What do you think Kimi Raikkonen should do after the upcoming season? Should he continue to race in F1? Or should he switch to another racing series, and hand the precious F1 seat to the younger ones waiting in line?




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