INSANE! Bobby Lashley Hits Braun Strowman with a Monstrous Spine Buster on WWE RAW

INSANE! Bobby Lashley Hits Braun Strowman with a Monstrous Spine Buster on WWE RAW

The Miz finally won the precious WWE title after 10 long years at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. However, he now has to defend it next week on RAW. After tonight’s (02/22/21) shenanigans and some pre-existing “deals,” Bobby Lashley is the number one contender for the WWE Championship.

As The Miz and John Morrison were celebrating the WWE title win on Miz TV, Lashley and the Hurt Business came out. MVP demanded that Miz recognize Lashley’s contributions in making Miz win the title.

Since Morrison made Lashley lose his US title despite MVP and Miz’s business arrangement, Lashley deserves a title shot. Miz agreed to the arrangement, but as a WWE champ, he was quite busy. There was “no time.”

Lashley had had enough and gave Miz an ultimatum. Grabbing him by the collars, Lashley said, “You have one hour to come to your senses and give me what I want.”

He threatened to send Miz to the emergency room.

“One way or another, I’m going to beat the life out of you and take that WWE Championship. It’s going to be painful, merciless, and awesome.”

When the time came, Braun Strowman also demanded a title shot. Shane McMahon then stepped in and announced a match between Lashley and Strowman to determine the title match next week.

Bobby Lashley annihilates Braun Strowman and The Miz in the main event of WWE RAW

In the main event of RAW, Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley faced each other. If Strowman won the match, he would be added into next week’s title match, making it a triple threat match.

Both men showed great bouts of strength. However, towards the end of the match, Lashley hit a huge spine buster on Strowman and followed it up with a spear. Subsequently, Lashley pinned Strowman to settle next week’s match.

Following the match, Lashley applied the hurt-lock on the ailing Strowman, making him pass out. The Miz tried to sneak up on Lashley. However, Lashley hit another Spine buster and spear combo on Miz.

In conclusion, Lashley stood tall with the WWE title as RAW went off-air. What do you think of this segment? Let us know in the comments below.

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