Trump’s 2024 moon goal in jeopardy, acting NASA chief says

Trump's 2024 moon goal in jeopardy, acting NASA chief says

NASA is presently reviewing Trump admin’s plan of returning the American astronauts to moon by the year 2024 and would decide in the following months if the initial 3 missions scheduled for Artemis program now will have to be postponed or no.

In an interview with POLITICO, Steve Jurczyk, the NASA administrator said that it is probably going to take about 2-3 months to work it all and know the feasibility. The US space agency would determine if it really needs to make a different schedule, he continued.

It’s been long anticipated that NASA’s 2024 aim, which was 4 years prior to the original planned date, wouldn’t be possible to achieve given that any new lunar lander, capsule, rocket or other components would need time to be developed as well as tested fully.

However, Jurczyk’s comments on Tuesday are the first acknowledgement publically by NASA that the timeline, announced by Mike Pence, the ex-Vice President back in 2019 is under jeopardy.

One major obstacle here is getting funding a project that’s estimated to cost $30bn.

The Congress had appropriated over $23bn for the space agency in this year’s omnibus spending bill that included around $850mn to start purchasing one lunar lander, which is far less than the $3.3bn NASA requested.


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